VIDEO: Security Token Offering’s Solution to the Traditional VC Structure, Part 1 of 3

8 Decimal Capital Overview:

  • Each year, new companies receive venture capital and private equity funding. However, most startups have no chance of issuing an initial public offering or getting acquired by a larger company.
  • More alarmingly, fewer startups are being acquired and far fewer startups are going public as the number of IPOs going to market continues to decrease.
  • The ‘Third Way’ to liquidity and a form of exit for VC-funded startups is through asset-based Security Token Offerings (STOs) as an ideal alternative liquidity event to provide funding.

As a blockchain venture capital firm which is actively investing in the security token industry, 8 Decimal thought Vertalo’s research article summarized several important statistics and trends relevant to STOs very well. The article was originally published on #blockchain #crypto News by Dave Hendricks and includes several charts from PitchBook. To support the mainstream adoption of these important blockchain technologies, the 8 Decimal team continues to provide information and digital content to teach, educate, and help others see the potential for these new and emerging blockchain technologies.

The 8 Decimal team hopes you enjoy the first of three videos based on this report. If you would like to know more, please read the report: here.

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