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826NYC Write All About It’s Guest Speaker Event

by Tanesha Nixel

I had the chance to be able to interview David Ewalt, Henry Lu, and Carly Fisher. It was in New York and I was in a journalism class. They shared some really interesting facts about themselves and Henry gave us advice on how to start a school newspaper. David is a journalist and Carly is a writer covering sustainability and climate change and social justice.

Carly Fisher

Carly was born in Florida. She was an only child and her working parents had to get jobs and they had to move every year. Her parents also divorced when Carly was at a young age. She worked multiple jobs. She worked at a soup kitchen and was really into food and restaurants. That’s how she became interested in food. She originally wrote about women’s issues but then switched to food and hotel journalism.

After art, she went to a journalism program and took an internship. She started her own website writing about brunch restaurants. She wrote about food and dining and also wrote about small restaurants. As a grown-up, she got to live in different places but her favorite place she lived in was Brooklyn. She has written books, too.

David Ewalt

He loves science and technology. As a kid he thought he would be a scientist, but once he was in college he didn’t find the courses as interesting so he joined the school paper and started writing. He enjoyed writing the school newspapers. He is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He loves journalism because he gets to write about and meet cool people. He loved science and technology at a young age.

He enjoyed school newspapers and in college was where he really got interested in the school newspaper. If he wasn’t in class he was working on the newspaper. He worked for Forbes and was on TV to talk about Forbes to list the 100 most powerful people. He wrote a book called Of Dice and Men which is about Dungeons and Dragons. Long-term projects take 6 months and once you have your draft the paper goes to the editor. He writes 3–4 stories a week and has been on TV. He interviewed Jay-Z!

Henry Lu

Henry is from Canada. His parents were immigrants which got him into international relations from all over the world, which then got him into writing journalism. He started a newspaper in college called Flash Points. He finds journalism fun because you get to interview lots of cool people.

He interviewed several members of Congress and diplomats. Interviewing is his favorite part of writing articles. The coolest person he interviewed was the person in charge of the CIA that was stationed in South Korea. He also interviewed members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans.

I had a great time interviewing Carly, David and Henry. It was interesting to hear their lives and who they interviewed.




826NYC’s 5th through 8th-grade students create headlines to report on the top issues of the day in this year-round journalism program. Turn the page with us as we sniff out scoops and write classic stories!

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