Apple Pie

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1 min readMar 16


By Layla Kumar

Top 5 Fun facts:

  1. The first apple pie recipe was printed more than 630 years ago in England and popularized there!
  2. Early apple pies were very expensive, it cost too much to put sugar in them!
  3. About 16% of pies eaten are apple (there are a lot of different kinds)
  4. Many say the first apple pie was made in Egypt
  5. Apple pie is a comfort food, pie lovers sometimes like to eat it with ice cream!

Dutch and German immigrants taught Americans how to make the iconic American apple pie we know today. Americans have made apple pies truly their own but the pie does not originate from there. Americans have done their own changes to the pie from the past, including making flakey buttery crusts and a sweeter taste, perfecting it in their own way.

Many American foods came from other places, for example apple pie was brought from England. But immigrants brought some of their favorite dishes to America and they “Americanized” it. Apple pie and many other dishes evolved into a more American style of food. And now America can call apple pie theirs.