Avoooooo (Avocados)

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By Rafael Cox

First, the plants get harvested and are put in a truck. They are mostly from Mexico and California. Avocados were found 10,000 years ago in Mexico and Guatemala. Then, they are checked to see if they can be eaten. Avocado’s big seeds made it so that only big creatures like mammoths could eat them. They almost went extinct but then humans came along and found a different strategy for eating them.

After that, they are brought to the grocery store. Did you know that avocado oil has a property that can help heal wounds. Also if your favorite color is pink, well you’re in luck because you can make a pink dye using avocado peels, crazy right? Finally, you buy them and put them on your table. Avocado’s price has been the lowest it has been in 5 years. So buy them now.

The most obvious problem: avocados kill themselves. Okay, let me explain the obvious (the reason I know you need this obvious explanation is because I can read your mind). So basically avocados make themselves so yummy that humans bring them all over the world which causes pollution which kills all of its friends. Soooooo sad. But that’s life I guess. Anyway if you want to save, cough cough eat cough cough, them. Then grow them where you live. In a place where they won’t spread and become invasive. If there are other reasons to not bring them please inform me.

Here is a picture of avocados so you can be hungry.


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