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Covid Quarantine and Its Effects on Kids

by Josiah Vazquez

Josiah Vazquez

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives. Everyone has to wear masks (unless they get vaccinated) and staying at home used to be enforced. Even though we can be kind of normal and go back to what we did before the pandemic, I know about a lot of adults and kids who took quarantine to the next level. There are a lot of kids in my school that does remote learning. There’s nothing wrong with remote learning, it’s just that a lot of kids that do remote learning barely go outside anymore. Some of the kids in my school haven’t left home since the pandemic started. They all stay at home, playing video games and doing remote classes. To a kid, this seems like a dream. Not having to get up in the morning and get dressed, and rush to the school building because they do class in their bedrooms. And on top of that, once classes are over, they get to play online games for the rest of the day. How this happens is what I like to call, the Guilty Play. So first Covid happens and the kids are stuck inside doing classes. Next, the parents feel bad for them and let them play video games whenever they want after classes are over. Then the kids start to neglect their work and skip classes so they can play more. And finally, the kids start getting sassy with their parents because they think that the adults feel bad for them and they can get whatever they want from them, whenever they want it. The main message in this is that if you or your kid takes remote classes, make sure that they are outside regularly and not shutting themselves inside the house.




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