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by Fabiola Placencia

The empanadas taste good because you can stuff anything into it. When I was a kid I tried it out and it tasted so good and sweet and I always eat it now cause it tastes very sweet and a little bit crunchy on the side of the empanadas.

Ingredients of the empanadas are:

  • All purpose Flour

I could describe it as sweet, crunchy on the sides and soft on the inside. That is a traditional dish from my country that they make. And empanadas are one of my favorite dishes. It looks like a mouth that is open and the lips are crusty. It smells like cheese because of the white cheese inside. It feels soft when you touch it in the middle and it’s like you’re touching a fat belly. It tastes so good and amazing. If I take one bite of it the sweetness comes to my sweet tooth. So that’s why I like empanadas.



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