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Japanese Fried Rice

by Layla Kumar

Japanese fried rice is pretty often part of my dinner dish, it’s easy to prepare. My mom buys a lot from Trader Joe’s when we come home from school, and then all she has to do is heat it up and a few other steps and it’s almost finished. It’s one of my family’s favorite dishes, even though it wasn’t passed down by family or anything special like that but it’s Asian food and we’re all Asian so it’s nice to acknowledge our culture.

I remember coming home from school some days. I have an after school program called Apex where I finish up my homework and do a few activities, so I don’t have to do anything once I’m home. I sit on the couch, my brother Alexei is reading a graphic novel and my own novel is snug in my lap. It smells like seaweed and rice, but better and sweeter. When I smell the Japanese fried rice, I’m instantly up at the table. I hope that’s how it will always be.

Cook time depends on wattage

A few steps I know
1.Cut ¼ inch slit in corner of bag, place in microwave and cook on HIGH for 4 min.
2.Then remove. Caution: Hot!
3.Empty the dish and lightly fluff it.

Ingredients (that I know)
Rice, water, edamame, soybeans, soy sauce, sweet cooking rice wine, carrots, deep fried tofu, canola oil, sugar, seaweed, and sesame oil.


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