Lost in the Jungle

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2 min readMar 29, 2023

By Fabiola Placencia

Lost in the Jungle is a movie that I decided to create. The idea of the movie is that there are travelers who get onto a boat because they wanted to catch some fish. But one day the boat breaks down. These travelers find an island until they can find another boat to rescue them.

Some of the characters include Shenia, who doesn’t have many emotions and isn’t friends with anyone. Taylor is a loving friend that takes care of people who are in trouble or in danger. Tory is one of the bad people that comes to destroy the jungle. She wants to destroy the jungle because she is frustrated that she is stuck. So she is really one of the main characters who wants them to leave this island.

These people need food and drinks so that they can survive to make this boat. To make their boat they need to collect the right materials such as sticks. Shenia changes through these struggles to open up to the rest of the girls. Taylor really helps Shenia share these emotions so that they can get along and Shenia can help them survive.

A theme of the movie is to trust the people around us and how friendship can help us overcome challenges. Someone who watches this movie would learn that friendship can bring us together.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. There is action that would be good for everyone to enjoy. There will be a little bit of comedy as well. The inspiration for this movie is based on Jumanji along with characters in the world around me (some of them!).