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1 min readMar 16


By Jett Clark

Lychee comes from and is grown in the southeast region of China or southern Taiwan. They grow on tropical evergreen trees. In four to five years, tree will produce a small amount of fruit. By the time the tree is ten though it will usually be more productive and can produce up to 200 kilos of lychees.

After the lychees are grown the lychees are taken to a factory to get them rinsed and to get them checked out for the bad ones and good ones. Then they are packaged on a truck. The lychees are packaged like an egg carton, but some people have different ways also.

The lychees are really hard to find because they take 5 years to grow fully, also if you’re looking for them in NYC they are in Chinatown inside rare markets, with a lot of other rare fruits.