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Technology Column: The Telegraph

By Ayden Pena

The new technology known as telegraph is sweeping the nation. With the telegraph you can send messages (also known as telegrams) to other states and even to international locations such as England. These messages from New York to Pittsburgh cost an average of 65 cents for the first 10 words and then 5 cents for each word after. These messages are sent by cable and in the form of morse code. Morse code is a form of communication that uses long and short sounds to signal letters.


H ….

E .

L .-..

L .-..

O — -

About this piece:
During the Fall 2021 semester, 826NYC’s journalism class, Write All About It, dug deep into our local Brooklyn history with support from historians at the Center for Brooklyn History and the New-York Historical Society, alongside independent research. In emulation of one of the first Black-owned newspapers in the country, The Freedman’s Torchlight — which was published in the town of Weeksville, now part of Crown Heights, in the 1860s — students wrote about the news and culture of 1860s Brooklyn in this time-hop special edition of The 826NYC Post.




826NYC’s 5th through 8th-grade students create headlines to report on the top issues of the day in this year-round journalism program. Turn the page with us as we sniff out scoops and write classic stories!

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