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About Vaughn McDonagh by Lucia McDonagh

Vaughan McDonagh is an 11-year-old boy who has many hobbies, and interests. A few hobbies are playing basketball and watching star wars. Though he likes basketball the most, he also plays many other sports. He plays Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Hockey, and he skis. Though he loves being active and playing sports, he also has other interests. One of those interests is in music. He has been playing piano since he was 5 and is an excellent drummer, who plays drums for his school band. His favorite type of music is rap, and his favorite song is the box by Roddy Rich. He is from Brooklyn NYC but is right now upstate due to Covid-19. He has 1 pet, a kitty named Ziggy. He was named after Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars album by David Bowie. Vaughan is a good student and loves his studies.

About Indiana Fischer by Finn Bache

Indiana is a 12-year-old boy who lives in Brooklyn who I interviewed about his life. When he grows up he either wants to be a writer (We will get into that later) or an artist. From what I gathered about him he seems to be an amazing drawer but I was curious why he wanted to be a writer until he told me that he was inspired by other authors to write his own articles and that he loved history and nonfiction. He plays 2 sports, soccer and baseball. He plays soccer because a lot of his friends play it, and he plays baseball because his dad loves baseball and has been playing it since he was 4, in baseball, he plays catcher and first base which is very important because at the beginning of the game you always throw to first base and the first basemen has a lot of responsibility. However not only does he play baseball he also trades baseball cards as well!

Finn Bache and Indiana Fischer

About James Dereskewicz by Arav McIntyre

James lives in New York City. He loves to go to Brooklyn Strategist to play War Hammer, which is his favorite hobby. He first became interested in War Hammer when he went to a birthday party and played it. He loves the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and loves the color blue. His dream vacation is the Amazon rainforest because he loves nature. The house he dreams about living in is his grandparents’ summer house. He loves Christmas, as he enjoys waking up to presents under the tree, but his favorite holiday food is a Halloween treat: pumpkin pie. He loves to write, specifically fiction, and about his hobbies. He hopes someday to be successful in life.

About Lucia McDonagh by Vaughn McDonagh

Lucia McDonagh is a 13 years old Girl. Her hobbies are playing soccer and reading. She also loves playing the piano guitar and singing. She also plays many other sports like lacrosse, hockey, and baseball. She bikes. She also skis and does archery.

David E’s Life Goal is to Gain Superpowers?! by Mohammad Sharaf Sjajee

David Ewalt, a 44-year-old man born in Washington DC, opens up in an interview about his favorite color and his life goal when he says that one of his life goals is to gain superpowers? In the interview with journalist Mohammad Shajee, David E mentions what he does, and what his favorites are. “My favorite book genre is Science Fiction and Fantasy,” he says. The question goes normally in the interview until he says this… To be continued!

All About Kai’lei Bishop by Tanesha Nixel

Hi, my name is Tanesha. I had the chance to interview Kai’lei Bishop. She told me she is 11 years old. She was born in Brooklyn. Her interests are art, gymnastics, and TV.

Her favorite animal is a horse because she loves the way they look and how you are able to ride them. Her favorite color is black because it is so mysterious. Her favorite book genre is graphic novels because they are interesting to read.

All About Vincent Huang by Taylor Hylton

Vincent’s favorite type of houses are mansions.

Vincent has a YouTube channel. It is called V1nc3nt.

Vincent’s favorite type of food is pizza.

His favorite game to play is War Lords 2K.

His favorite sport is basketball. He has won 4 games.

He likes to use his switch and computer.

His hobbies are skateboarding and going out to nature.

He likes to watch TikToks and YouTube.

All About Taylor Hylton by Vincent Huang

Tyler’s age is 11, and his birthplace is Los Angeles, CA. Tyler’s favorite subjects in class are lunch and when he gets to watch a movie. He also has a new plant AeroGarden. His favorite books are the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series. He got a Nintendo Switch as a present, and he really likes it.

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826NYC’s 5th through 8th-grade students create headlines to report on the top issues of the day in this year-round journalism program. Turn the page with us as we sniff out scoops and write classic stories!