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The Brooklyn Nets 2021–22 Team Strategy, Trades and Contracts (and some jokes included!)

By Mason Rivera

What goes into team basketball strategy? “The NBA is all about players, on the court or in the locker room,’’ says Adam Figman, the editor of Slam Magazine. This season the Brooklyn Nets’ strategy was defense. This was achieved when they traded away James Harden in exchange for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, and Andre Drummond along with five first round draft picks. Trades are when you trade something or someone for another thing. As explained by Adam, ‘’The team dynamic is important. The team, the coach, how someone is played, and how they all fit in the system.” This strategy initially worked during the midseason (thanks James Harden!) which landed the Nets in the play-in (Thanks Steve Nash!). The good thing was that without James Harden, the Nets had a better chance.

On April 12, 2022 the Nets played the Cleveland Cavaliers and won because of great playmaking and defense. Kyrie Irving scored 37 points and went 8/8 in the first half. But on January 25th, The Lakers played The Nets and got destroyed by Lebron James and Westbrook, outsourcing them 123–97. Even with a great strategy, the overall team is still important and one factor in that is contracts.

Contracts are when you pay a player an amount of money to play for you. The money comes from the owners. A cap is basically how much money a team has but if you go over it the owner has to pay a fee. According to Fortune.com, the owner of the Clippers, Steve Ballmer, has over a billion dollars. That’s why the Clippers have all-stars Paul George (PG-13) and Kawhi Leonard (“The Klaw”). The San Antonio Spurs have the most caps in the NBA (basically the most money) in 2022. Unfortunately, while the league tries to make sure all teams have a similar team balance (and cost) because some owners have more money than others there is still an imbalance.

When team and strategy come together, you can become a very, very good team. But also, as Adam says, ‘’Teams aren’t always about winning now, but also down the road.” Sometimes the best strategy is waiting and planning for the franchise in the future.



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