Chapter 1: Transcontinental

We were blessed with pretty clear skies throughout the majority of our ten hour flight, and we charted a pretty spectacular flightpath. After circling London a couple of times, we headed north through Scotland and out, over Iceland, Greenland, and the most northern reaches of Canada including the Hudson Bay. We then came down through North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and finally the Nevada desert. The flight covered ice sheet, tundra, plains, snowy mountains, deserts and dry canyons.

With a trip like that, you can see what people mean when they talk about the sheer scale and breadth of North America.

River Thames, Millenium Eye at centre

Somewhere in Blighty

Frozen parts of Canada

North Dakota

Somewhere near Yellowstone National Park, we think

The amazing red rock we kept seeing

The Sierra Nevada in relief

Crossing the Sierra Nevada

River Colorado dammed by Hoover Dam

Out in the Nevada desert