The Digital Transformation of Software Development — Introducing 8gig

With the current speed of innovation, businesses are under enormous pressure to make profound technological changes in order to remain relevant and avoid extinction. In the next 10 years, about half of the S&P 500 is forecast to be replaced by more agile competitors — an unprecedented rate of churn. This imperative to transition from the old way of doing things is called digital transformation and businesses are spending trillions of dollars to achieve it.

Accomplishing digital transformation is often both shockingly inefficient and incredibly difficult, as most attempts are made using traditional approaches that leverage dated technology and old-school configurations of development teams. One could easily characterize software development today as being in an artisanal state, no different than earlier generations having to rely on highly-specialized craftsmen to build basic furniture for an office or home in the decades before IKEA. In our current mass production world, this anachronism just doesn’t make sense. Today’s software development shortcomings leave most businesses with overrun budgets, missed deadlines, and disappointing results.

At 8gig, we believe in a radically different way of successfully achieving digital transformation. To this end, we are introducing a “digitally transformed” solution for software development and thus empowering businesses to cross the chasm to thriving as a modern and agile enterprise as their peers fall victim to the accelerating pace of change.

8gig is a combination of a state-of-the-art low-code development platform, decentralized developer network, and token-powered economy to propel software development efforts forward in an exponential manner. Think of it as a technology platform surrounded by a large, autonomous-but-mission-driven team that is compensated for work done in service of business innovation through a powerful crypto asset.

The first ingredient of our solution is the 8base Serverless Chassis, a low-code development platform that provides a global architecture and operating environment to easily build and deploy blockchain and traditional, non-blockchain software. The Serverless Chassis offers developers access to a robust, enterprise-grade backend-as-a-service that encapsulates most of the complex tasks related to building and hosting software. The Serverless Chassis is secure and automatically scales to meet increased user loads. It also ensures data resiliency and fault-tolerance thus eliminating the need for dedicated, incremental DevOps resources. It is multi-tenant, which allows for product companies to also build their software on the Platform. Developers build new applications and their underlying data models in excess of 10 times faster than they could using traditional approaches, for a fraction of the up-front and recurring expense.

The second ingredient is the decentralized 8gig Developer Network that exists to serve the digital transformation ecosystem in two manners: 1) To create their own new innovations that are added to the Serverless Chassis, extending the capabilities of the Platform, and distributed on the 8gig Marketplace to other developers on the network. This ability to continually enhance the platform through a crowd-sourced approach creates exponential growth of the platform’s capabilities to the benefit of all who use it, developers and end users alike.; and 2) To respond to specific, one-time development requests, or gigs, that are posted by business customers. The Developer Network is underpinned by a blockchain-based, fully-verifiable reputation score that is assigned to all users on the Network based on the quality of their contributions.

The third ingredient of the 8gig approach is the Piece of 8 Token-Powered Economy. Tokens are the currency that fuels interactions in the 8gig ecosystem. Through a user-friendly staking mechanism to align incentives of different parties, developers on the 8gig network are incentivized to innovate and respond to development gigs by earning tokens. These tokens also facilitate the administration of a token-curated registry of extensions made to the Serverless Chassis by developers, which, after validation by other users, may be included in the 8gig marketplace and made available to other developers for a fee. Lastly, customers can also stake tokens to receive ongoing discounts as they utilize Serverless Chassis to host applications on the platform.

8gig’s unique combination of technology, developers, and token economy helps to level the playing field for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in industries and economies around the world. This makes digital transformation something even a small brick-and-mortar business can achieve as the gap closes between dreaming of an innovation and making it a reality.

We hope that you join us on our journey of creating a new future for software development!

Albert Santalo, 8gig Core Contributor, Serial Entrepreneur and Computer Scientist

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