The Piece of Eight Project is now 8gig!

To our valued community,

It has been an incredibly eventful month for us after commencing our Friends and Family token pre-sale in June. We’d like to thank each of you for supporting us on our journey to create the future of software development.

Our pre-sale has gone well and has been a great exercise in refining our story. One of the main things we realized along the way was that “Piece of 8” is a great name for a token, but not a great name for a low-code platform and developer ecosystem. Therefore, we are officially rebranding under the name 8gig. “Gig” represents both technology and the gig-economy, which is exactly our mission: combining a powerful technology platform with a decentralized ecosystem of software developers.

Over the past 3 weeks, the team has been hard at work with the rebranding effort. We are happy to report that the new look-and-feel, website, messaging and revised whitepaper have been incredibly well-received by those we have presented it to. We encourage you to visit our new and improved website at, where you will not only see the new branding, but a significant amount of depth regarding our platform and network.

All of our existing social media accounts have been updated to reflect the name and logo changes. Our token will continue to be called Piece of 8 and our Friends and Family pre-sale will remain underway for the next few weeks. Please note that all future emails will emanate from rather than

The 8gig Team

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