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We are a group of passionate people who bring family and friends together by encouraging meaningful social interactions through a blockchain-enabled gaming device. Following our dreams and imaginations, we created a platform for social games that give people an easy way to connect versus other gaming consoles that often focus on experiences for individuals. We are the leader in revolutionizing the gaming industry by enabling the world’s first Blockchain technology on a tabletop gaming console. We want to share our knowledge and our vision with everyone at the Blockchain Gaming Conference.

The Global Blockchain Games Conference is hosted by Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects, and we are delighted that our Co-founder and COO Zhu Zhenjie (Shane) is invited as a special guest and a panelist for this esteemed event on July 17 and 18 in Hong Kong. The two-day B2B conference expo for the global games industry features over 120 expert speakers and 15 seminar tracks throughout both days. Topics are focused on on-going updates and news from the art of making games, extending their lifespan through live ops, to the business side of monetization and securing funding.

Pocket Gamer Connects has an established international audience with more than 18,000 industry professionals who have attended the Connects international conference series since 2014. Since then, the roadshow has landed in the UK, US, Canada, Finland, and India with a genuinely international client base. In 2016, they became the biggest dedicated mobile games industry conference series in Europe and have stayed on top ever since. Previous speakers from all the key industry influencers include Supercell, King, Space Ape Games, Niantic, SYBO, Tencent, Telltale, Apple, Rovio, Disney, Wargaming, Kabam, NetEase, NTT Docomo, Ubisoft, Facebook, Google, Square Enix, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Sega, Capcom, Unity, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch and many more.

With our in-depth expertise in both gaming and Blockchain technology, we are invited to join a panel discussion amongst industry leaders to discuss what’s next for Blockchain gaming. It will be a very fun and stimulating conversation with all of these key influencers in the industry such as Miley Chen from Tencent, Deven Nambiar from Electronic Arts, Qian Tang from Google, Aurelien Palasse from Ubisoft, and many more.

Our co-founder, Shane Zhu, is going to be representing our foundation to speak in the panel discussion about his outlook of the future expectations of the industry. If you are not familiar with Shane Zhu, here are a few things about him that you should know. Shane has a wealth of experience in startups, manufacturing, and business development. Shane was a co-founder of Titanium Falcon, a Silicon Valley-based smart hardware company. Following its success, Titanium Falcon was acquired by one of the largest IoT companies in China. Before Titanium Falcon, Shane helped design and build the mechanical systems for the NASA Mars Rover!

It has been an exciting ride in the Blockchain gaming industry and we are optimistic that it is going in the right direction. When we first started our project, there were not a lot of mentions about NFTs and Digital Assets (besides cryptocurrencies) in general. Fast forward two years later and people are now able to enjoy their gaming experience with NTFs and Digital Assets, which has led to a new Blockchain gaming revolution of creating a real value of digital gaming assets for players and developers! Unlike any existing product and implementation of these digital gaming assets, we are confident to take this revolution to the next level, enabling everyday gamers and table-top fans to interact with such NFTs and Digital Assets without needing in-depth technical knowledge about such technologies.

We are looking forward to seeing more innovative developments in Blockchain gaming, and this conference is all about discovering new ideas and discussing the possibilities of how can we embed Blockchain technology with the gaming industry. So stay tuned as we unveil the conference in-depth in a later article.

Global Mobile Games Industry Conference: https://www.pgconnects.com/hong-kong/registration/
When: July 17 & 18
Location: Cyberport Arcade, Hong Kong.

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8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org


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Bringing people together for meaningful social interactions for at least 8 hours a week.

8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org

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