8Hours Foundation Announces Partnership with Toybox, a 3D Printer Company

Oct 30 · 6 min read

Gaming consoles have become popular among adults and kids alike. These consoles do not only offer entertainment but also come in the form of educational resources. The only problem is, to date, the majority of gaming consoles consist of a device that is plugged into television; and once turned on, the gamer gets lost in the game that they are playing. The result? Families are spending less time together, and each person is going about gaming their own way.

We seek to do the opposite of this. PlayTable is a movement that took the idea of a traditional gaming console and turned it into a device that brings the whole family together. Now, PlayTable is partnering up with ToyBox; a 3D printer with an ever-expanding easy to use marketplace app. This means, not only will people gain access to a gaming console that makes board games more accessible; but they will also be able to print their own toys and link a VIM (Virtual Integrated Metadata - a non-fungible token) to it, in order to make it come to life on PlayTable’s interactive surface.

But, how do we keep track of all of your in-game purchases and collectibles and how are we able to link them to your favorite toys? Well, as part of the 8Hours Ecosystem, the PlayTable uses RFID combined with VeChain Blockchain technology to securely store all of your gaming information in one convenient place. PlayTable uses VeChain as it is the most advanced blockchain available today.

VeChain’s integration and research into RFID and NFC are what make it a perfect fit for the PlayTable. With PlayTable and VeChain, playing is possible anywhere.

Toybox 3D printer

The PlayTable Gaming Console

The PlayTable is the world’s first interactive tabletop gaming device that enhances social interactions and establishes stronger connections between kids of all ages. Powered by the VeChainThor blockchain technology and the native EHrT token, PlayTable is the pioneer for Toy-Reality, which is the interaction between physical toys in digital games.

With Toy-Reality, we can now utilize RFID-tagged toys to bridge the gap between physical and digital play, breathing new life into board games, video games, and educational programs. By utilizing and burning EHrT tokens to mint NFTs, this process ensures that every toy is unique with its own story and statistics.

PlayTable is a gaming device that has a shape similar to that of a tablet, but with a larger screen than current tablets on the market. The platform allows for board games to be played in a digital environment but combines physical objects in order to create a more interactive experience. Toys that are equipped with RFID technology is used alongside the console, allowing players to control characters in the real world, and have their moves updated on display.

Many game development companies such as Catan and Asmodee have already become part of the PlayTable ecosystem, and the company is expecting even more releases on its platform following the launch of the public release.

Where ToyBox Fits Into The Project

is another unique invention that consists of a 3D printer that is able to print a wide selection of different toys within hours. As seen on , ToyBox is one of the most affordable 3D printers that have hit the market and is the perfect way to provide children with hours’ worth of entertainment, as well as educating them about modern technologies such as 3D printing.

While ToyBox on its own already provides a lot of fun, PlayTable has recently joined up with this company in order to bring a more captivating experience to gamers.

With the ability to quickly and easily print out 3D toys using the , RFID tags can be easily attached to these toys and programmed by the PlayTable console by consuming EHrT tokens. Once programmed, the toy can then be used in a series of different games that are installed on the PlayTable gaming console.

What this essentially means is that there will be an unlimited variety of games for people to play, along with an endless number of opportunities for designing and printing toys that can go with these games.

How PlayTable And ToyBox Will Work Together

3D printed Wizard for Battlegrid game
Battlegrid in play

The partnership between PlayTable and ToyBox is likely to revolutionize the way that families interact when it comes to a typical “game night.” A common problem faced by families is that board games are no longer as interesting or fun as they used to be. The goal of this partnership is to really put the fun back into sitting around a table as a family, or friends, and give people a way to interact with each other, while also being actively involved in the game.

PlayTable is bringing a game console that is placed on the tabletop and features a selection of different games. These games are primarily in the style of a typical board game but in a digital space. What this means is that games are digitally downloaded and stored — no more missing boards and cards, as these are now on the device. This also means people need less physical space to store their board games.

8Hours Foundation and Blockchain Technology Enables the PlayTable

The PlayTable is a Founding Partner and Vertical of the 8Hours Foundation, which aims to bring together friends and families through meaningful social play. Utilizing blockchain technology, toys that are programmed on the PlayTable are given unique and immutable digital identities on the VeChainThor public blockchain and the 8Hours Ecosystem, by assigning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to each and every toy registered.

Through this partnership, toys can be 3D printed using the ToyBox and minted as NFTs by consuming EHrT tokens in minutes. As mentioned above, toys that are registered as NFTs on the 8Hours Ecosystem platform can be used in different games and all play stats and relevant data will be linked to the toy.

This means every toy is unique to its owner and will gain value the more the toy is used on the platform, providing a sense of attachment to the toy itself while also providing opportunities for the trading of the toys.

The PlayTable / ToyBox Bundle

The partnership between PlayTable and ToyBox has led to the announcement of an upcoming bundle that will feature products from both companies, giving interested players a great way to get started. At the moment, the public beta release of the PlayTable project is expected to come this winter — at this time, the bundle that has been announced should also be made available to individuals who are interested in giving the two products a try.

The bundle from this partnership will be available for $650, which is quite a slash in terms of pricing compared to buying each of these devices separately. The bundle will come with the PlayTable gaming console, as well as a ToyBox starter kit — everything needed to really enjoy the combination of these two products.

Traditional gaming consoles can make families feel disconnected, where every person has their own favorite title, these devices have gained a negative reputation among many people. PlayTable, along with ToyBox, is planning to change this, by introducing a bundle that allows the entire family to print their own toys, and have fun together with a tabletop blockchain-based gaming console.

The PlayTable is shipping its first batch of orders in the next couple of weeks in November 2019.

To purchase this bundle of joy, contact us directly for assistance at hello@8hoursfoundation.org.

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8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org


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8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org

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