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Jun 21 · 9 min read

Dear community,

Our experience working with VeChain and CREAM to kickoff the 8Hours Foundation over the past couple of months to make our dream possible has been phenomenal. Time spent with loved ones is truly one of the most valuable experiences we foster in this world, and I’m ecstatic to be building towards that mission with bigger and bigger communities every day. Every time I talk with people whose lives were completely transformed by playing games, I’m reminded of the influence that eight hours per week of social interactions can have on our society as a whole and where we’re inevitably headed.

With such massive excitement from fans comes interest from institutional investors and professional active investors. Our private token sale closed with room for only the most strategic investors, including VeChain Foundation, Fenbushi, and more. This is just the beginning of the journey, and the stage is set with powerful advisors, such as Glen Schofield — a prolific figure in the AAA games industry, and a couple more industry thought leaders we have signed on between April until now (yes, our team had been working round-the-clock). Keep an eye out for an investment press release and communications about the powerhouses who joined us!

Since the beginning, our team has been working relentlessly to spread our mission, and we believe now it is the time to share it with as many people as possible. The support from community members so far has been outstanding, and we want to reward our loyal community members tenfold for their help in making this dream come true. Therefore, our New Token Issuance will be going live very soon so that the public can start getting involved and obtain their own EHrTs.

Below, we present you with the detailed process of the NTI. It will be an exciting and memorable event, I guarantee it.

John Dempsey, Founding Director of 8Hours Foundation.

We’re excited to announce we’ll be launching our community and public New Token Issuance (NTI) in early July. As a VeChain Ecosystem partner, we will only be accepting VET tokens for our NTI, and as many of you may have already presumed, VeChain X Node holders will be rewarded throughout this process as outlined later in this article.

Our complete NTI process will be split into two main rounds: The current 8Hours Foundation Landing Page New Token Issuance Round and another round which might come on a later date, if the team deem that we need it.

The 8Hours Foundation Landing Page New Token Issuance Round begins at 6:00 UTC-7 on July 1st, 2019 and ends at 6:00 UTC-7 on July 2nd, 2019, or when the hard cap (550,000,000 EHrTs) is reached for this round. We have designed this Round of the NTI in an effort to reward loyalty as well as create a fair opportunity for everyone to participate, and since we are gaming ecosystem designers, we believe you will have a lot of fun during our NTI process as well.

8Hours Foundation Token Issuance Round:

We have structured this Token Issuance round into different steps and tranches, as detailed below:

First, let’s get the legalities out of the way. The 8Hours Foundation NTI process is an innovative process that will be fun and memorable; you will not be disappointed if you get to participate. However, in order to be a part of this historical event, you must pass the whitelisting and KYC process. The KYC and Whitelist link can be found here. You may fill out our KYC form and attempt to be whitelisted from now all the way until the token sale, so there should be plenty of time.

Here’s a quick overview of the NTI process:

Step 1: Fill out KYC Application

Step 2: Play Monkey Match game + secure your rewards

Step 3: Receive a confirmation email with your max contribution + rewards

Step 4: Get ready for our NTI launch day on July 1, UTC-7. (see our timeline below, in picture 1.3)

Step 5: Our official NTI launch day!

Here’s the breakdown of each of the steps:

If you’re not whitelisted with us, you cannot participate in the token issuance. But don’t worry, the KYC registration page will stay open throughout the entire NTI. So it’s important to get yourself whitelisted first. After being whitelisted, you will then receive an email confirmation of your qualification for our NTI.

After the KYC/Whitelist process, you will receive an email confirmation and an invitation to play the Game that will determine the rewards for the NTI. We call it The Monkey Match game.

Each participant will have a set of clicks to reveal their prizes; the more monkey faces you match, the better rewards you collect. A big part of how successful your NTI is will depend on how well your game results are. You can play this Monkey Match game every time you participate in our stages, and we have four stages in total, which means you can play this game up to four times.

8Hours Foundation | Monkey Match Game

Additionally, X Node holders will receive additional clicks according to their status, allowing them a significant advantage in securing more chances and bigger rewards. We have developed our algorithm so that the advantages of having more clicks is not increasing in a linear format.

Clicks for each node is as below:

Mjolnir X gets 4 extra clicks, 12 clicks total.
Thunder X gets 3 extra clicks, 11 clicks total.
Strength X gets 2 extra clicks, 10 clicks total.
VeThor X gets 1 extra click, 9 clicks total.
Economic Node gets 8 clicks total.

For X Node holders, the chance to win something is almost 100% and a significant chance of winning the Grand and Super prizes. As you can see in the example above, the type of rewards you receive will first and foremost be based on your allocation tier.

The most basic tier, someone without any X node status, starts off at 60,000 VET allocation amount, and it goes all the way up to 1,000,000 VET for Mjolnir X Node status. With the higher base amount, your prizes would be bigger. Our rewards include, but are not limited to, discounts on the PlayTable, bonus tokens, increase in your VET allocations, and many more prizes.

After revealing your prizes in the Monkey Match game and seeing your maximum contribution amount, you will receive an email summary of your rewards and a special code for the NTI launch day. Don’t forget to add us to your email whitelist to avoid the junk email filter, email: hello@8hoursfoundation.com.

It will be an incredibly fun process that will be up to 32 hours. Now it’s the time to get your VET ready, check the NTI stages time (see image 1.3 below), join our conversation on telegram, and set an alarm.

Important: Make sure you have the same email address as the one you provided in the KYC application. This way we can be sure to give you the correct bonuses based on your profile and address.

To provide as many opportunities as possible for all participants, there will be four stages for participants to join, and to maximize your allocation please check out our rules for all four stages above.

Due to our limited allocation for each stage, it’s crucial for you to get your KYC approved, have your personal code ready (sent in an email confirmation), and set an alarm so you don’t miss out on the first wave of our NTI. Plus, the bonuses will be lowered as each stage goes by.

If you missed the first stage, you will get another chance to participate in the second stage; however, your bonus will be smaller as you go down the stages (see image 1.4 below). We anticipate to dip into our reserve token supply, and that means our token costs are subject to increase due to demand.

Additionally, you can increase your tokens contribution by winning prizes in our Monkey Match game and/or other forms of purchases such as the PlayTable gaming console purchase. More details of how to increase your allocation will be shown during the NTI event.

Additional Game Play

Remember, once you’re whitelisted with us, you’re qualified to participate in all four of our NTI stages. Once you’ve maxed out on your VET allocation in Stage 1, you can continue to participate up until the final Stage 4, each stage starts eight hours from the previous stage (as seen in NTI Stages image above). During every stage, You can collect more rewards, increase your allocations, and as well as having a blast while doing all of those.

EHrT Token Price Mechanism

EHrT prices during the NTI are determined by two factors.

1) The VeChain X Node Status.

2) The stage levels that you choose to participate.

As mentioned in our 8Hours Foundation whitepaper, the general NTI rate is 1 VET = 3.00 EHrTs, and the rate will fluctuate as we dip into our reserve supply of tokens due to high demand; the ratio can go down to 1 VET = 2.10 EHrTs. Get ready for our token sale and get in as early as you can during the earlier stages.

Important: Depending on the VeChain X node status of the token sale participant, The VET to EHrT price ratio for each stage are not the same. The ratio for each stage and VeChain node status holders can be determined using the chart below.

The minimum individual contribution is 60,000 VET per stage, and there is a maximum cap up to 1,000,000 VET or more per stage, which depends on your VeChain X Node Status and your game rewards. Participants will start at the regular ratio as shown in the graph above: 1 VET = 3.00 EHrTs, which will reduce according to the stages until 1 VET = 2.10 EHrTs for Stage 4.

Perks for X Node Holders explained.

As mentioned above, X Node Holders will receive exclusive bonus rates for our tokens according to their node status and the stage they choose to participate.

Mjolnir X Node Status:

  • Each participant will have a max contribution of 1,000,000 VET per stage.
  • Participants will receive a different bonus for each different stage, starting at 20% bonus.
  • Additional clicks for the Monkey Game

Thunder X Node Status:

  • Each participant will have a max contribution of 400,000 VET per stage.
  • Participants will receive a different bonus for each different stage, starting 15% bonus.
  • Additional clicks for the Monkey Game

Strength X Node Status:

  • Each participant will have a max contribution of 200,000 VET per stage.
  • Participants will receive a different bonus for each different stage, starting at 10% bonus.
  • Additional clicks for the Monkey Game

VeThor X Node Status:

  • Each participant will have a max contribution of 100,000 VET per stage.
  • Participants will receive a different bonus for each different stage, starting at 5% bonus.
  • Additional clicks for the Monkey Game

Economic Node Status:

  • Additional clicks for the Monkey Game

8Hours Foundation and PlayTable are bridging together into one powerful ecosystem in the industry. With the same shared mission, all teams are aligned to reach one goal: to create ways for people to come together and play to strengthen their social fabric. We seek to create a culture where “game nights” amongst friends and families are facilitated by cutting-edge technology.

Thank you to everybody who is hoping to participate in the token sale.

Direct Links:
KYC Application.

Join our community:

Join our Official Telegram Channel: https://t.me/The8HoursFoundation

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/8hours_official

Follow us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/8hours


The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org


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Bringing people together for meaningful social interactions for at least 8 hours a week.


The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org

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