8Hours joins forces with the COOP, a modern play space for kids.

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With employment rising for females in the workforce, the need for child daycare has spiked tremendously in the past few years. In most U.S. families less than one-in-three children have a full-time, stay-at-home parent. In 1975, only one generation ago, more than half of all children had a stay-at-home parent and it was usually the mother.

As these parents find themselves strapped for time due to work, one of the ways that parents try to pacify and raise their children is to rely on digital nannies with an increasing amount of emphasis and reliance on devices such as tablets and smartphones. This approach comes with many negatives, with research showing that overreliance on technology would impact child development.

One of the alternatives to relying on digital nannies alone is the usage of childcare centers. Modern childcare centers not only provide quality childcare but also focuses on the importance of social interaction and educational activities. Parents choose such childcare centers as they want a fun and relaxing experience for their children.

That’s where the COOP and 8Hours Foundation come together to provide the best experience for the parents and the kids.

The COOP SSF is a balanced environment where kids and parents can interact together through meaningful play. It’s a modern daycare center that was highly curated and crafted for busy, working, and modern parents. The idea of the COOP was created by busy mothers who wanted the best care for their kids whether for a party or a play day. Unlike typical daycare centers, kids in the COOP experience unique and purposeful interaction which is much more powerful than just playing with toys by themselves.

The COOP daycare center provides modern, interactive material for kids that strengthens their social skills as well as responsive gaming devices that enable them to explore their creative side. The COOP boasts almost 3000 sqft of indoor play area, including a gigantic ball pit, an electronic dance floor with activities to get the kids to move and dance, a rope climbing tube, reading nook, coloring books, and lots of other fun, interactive toys to keep kids entertained for hours.

The COOP and the PlayTable would be a match made in heaven — working seamlessly together to create an experience for the kids and the parents.

How we can work with the COOP

PlayTable is the world’s first interactive tabletop gaming device that enhances social interactions and establishes stronger connections between kids of all ages. Powered by the VeChainThor blockchain technology and the native EHrT token, PlayTable is the pioneer for Toy-Reality, which is the interaction between physical toys in digital games.

With Toy-Reality, we can now utilize RFID-tagged toys to bridge the gap between physical and digital play, breathing new life into board games, video games, and educational programs. By utilizing and burning EHrT tokens, the RFID-tagged toys are minted as unique NFTs, ensuring every that toy is unique with its own story and statistics.

“Between a big television and a small tablet, PlayTable is a perfect gaming device for my kids to interact with. It’s very easy to play and fun to interact with the physical toys like the dragon and the games on the PlayTable. PlayTable brings the family together, and we have fun all the time.” — Adine, the COOP SSF owner and a mother.

PlayTable has established a well-balanced library for both kids and their parents. There are many ways to use the PlayTable to its full potential. One of the simplest ways is to allow your kids to explore games that are made for them. They will quickly learn which games are fun to play with others and which games are meant to be more focused on learning in a fun and educational way. In addition to the plethora of educational games, PlayTable intentionally designed the Operating System to be seamless and kid-friendly.

Many of us have young kids at the office, so most of the games are designed with them in mind. Even with complicated board games, we find ways to add sparkles and fun sounds so kids can enjoy a game night with their parents. We are confident that every person regardless of age will love the PlayTable.

About the COOP.

The COOP SF was born after one of the co-owners, Adine, had her first child in 2013. She wanted a creative outlet from her career in tech and set out to explore modern-day kid’s play spaces. This landed her on the doorstep of the COOP LA, right after their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, which resulted in funding from real estate developer and investor Barbara Corcoran.

As Adine explored the idea of opening a franchise of the COOP in Northern California, Shark Tank was developing a follow-up program called Beyond the Tank, giving updates on some of the audience’s favorite products that had been featured on the show. Adine was featured on Beyond the Tank in 2016 with the owners of the COOP LA along with Barbara. The COOP SF opened its doors in 2017.

“More than 300 parties later, we are still looking at how to enhance the parents’ experience, which includes bringing in exclusive, innovative and unique products such as PlayTable.”

Reserve PlayTable today (with $100 off): https://go.playtable.com/reserve

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8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org


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8Hours Foundation

The 8Hours Foundation is dedicated to fostering social bonds between people, because our relationships with family and friends are the most important things in the world. Learn more at 8hoursfoundation.org

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