8Hours: Live AMA Questions Recap

Jul 11 · 8 min read

Our New Token Issuance has officially ended last week. We want to thank everyone who participated and waited patiently to get our support and distributed tokens. It was a very fun and memorable event for us, especially with the special live stream event where John and the core 8Hours Foundation team answered questions from the VeChain and 8Hours community as well as showing off our live product and games running on the PlayTable Gaming Console.

In the run-up to our token sale, we were also honored to be invited as a special guest to join and interact with members of the largest Vietnamese Blockchain community at the Vietnam BlockChain Telegram (VBC) group. They hosted a live AMA for us and we got to take on the most common yet complex questions so everyone can understand our mission further. It was a very fun hour of learning how interested everyone was in our goals and the PlayTable.

In case you’ve missed our four stages of live streaming with the team, and the live AMA with the VBC community Telegram group, we have captured most of the questions for you in this article to make sure everyone is up-to-date with the latest information as well as sneak peeks regarding our product.

Let’s get right to it, AMA with John Dempsey, our founding director.

Q: What does 8Hours mean, and why did you choose the number eight?

John: 8Hours means that we want to bring people together for at least 8 hours a week of true social interactions. I believe that is a proper length of time you need, at minimum, to spend time with family and friends in order to have the healthiest relationships. When we were coming up with a name, we wanted there to be simultaneously strong meaning and purpose. We knew that at its core, our platform was meant to unite people and foster everlasting social bonds. 8Hours means that it takes 8 hours a week of playing and interacting with people to make this happen.

Q: Is 8Hours Foundation now a pioneering platform for games? If not, are there game platforms ahead of time? What will the 8Hours Foundation plan to outperform?

John: We are absolutely pioneering the path for social games where people are brought together with the power of play. Other platforms can try to replicate this experience, but we are the best since the medium of board games is so powerful and timeless.

Q: Why did you choose VeChain and not other Blockchain platforms?

John: VeChain has great synergy for NFC physical object tracking + the technology is conducive for businesses to actually function. We heavily leverage VeChain-specific features like MPP and MTT.

Q: Why do you need to integrate the Blockchain technology in your project? And what are your tokens used for?

John: Blockchain is for the trustless component of verifying true ownership. With collectibles being extremely valuable, it’s important to be able to prove that and to help build an immutable digital story connected to toys over time.

Q: To our understanding, 8Hours Foundation partnered with CREAM, the OceanEx trading platform, and Safe Haven. Will 8Hours Foundation plan to work with anyone else in the future?

John: CREAM is a standalone investment and an Incubation company that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and is a Strategic Partner and Advisor of the VeChain Foundation. We look forward to integrating further into the VeChain ecosystem and also opening up our platform for 3rd party game developers so make brand new exciting experiences that even we may not have thought of.

Q: In the future, there are many utilities such as allowing developers to create their own “brand” of digital currencies that would have unique game mechanic interactions in-game. What is the incentive for boardgame developers to put their games on PlayTable?

John: Many, many reasons! A digital experience is much better than the physical because you don’t have to set up/ clean up/ lose any pieces, etc… Boardgame developers also are able to reach a wider audience at the click of a button — say, instead of having to do a print run for thousands of copies of a game’s new expansion pack release. Additionally, there’s a whole bunch of analytics that is now available to board game publishers that weren’t possible before without going digital.

Q: In the Whitepaper, besides IGCs, the 8Hours Foundation platform also provides other utilities like Authentic Asset Certificates (AACs) and Colored Tokens. Is it possible to introduce these in a simple way so all of us can understand it easily? Also, will there be more utilities added?

John: Of course :) Basically, EHrTs are burned in order to create and sign the toys that get used on the platform. These NFTs track the experience of the toys that gets built up over time, plus allow players to lock in additional digital purchases that are uniquely tied to that NFT.

Q: Currently, there are many gaming projects in the market already, so why is this project so special compared to the other gaming projects?

John: The PlayTable is truly a one-of-a-kind game console. We have secured branding deals with big IP partners already and have a way to bring crypto to truly mass adoption. For families to get involved with crypto, they shouldn’t have to understand blockchain deeply (making a wallet, secret key, etc.). But, if you can hold your NFT right in your hand as a toy, it’s understandable by anyone — even kids.

Q: Can tokens be burned?

John: Of course! Basically, EHrTs are burned in order to create and assign the toys that get used on the platform. These NFTs (non-fungible tokens) track the experience of the toys that gets built up over time, plus they allow players to lock in additional digital purchases that are uniquely tied to that NFT.

Q: What type of games do you guys currently have, and will there also be an online multiplayer game?

John: We currently have a mix of all genres of board games: strategy games, party games, etc… We’re also building towards online play to play remotely with your friends.

Q: Will there be any old school games on the platform eventually?

John: Absolutely! We will try our best to add classic games and old-school games. We will have a request sheet later on so everyone can participate and add their games of choice so we can see which are popular and work on it.

Q: Will 8Hours Foundation plans to apply real money to load into the games in the future?

John: Gamers will able to use fiat currency to participate in in-game purchases.

Q: The traditional game has been existing for a very long time, so how could you penetrate the market and gain the market share? What is the market segmentation that you’re aiming for?

John: Very good question! These traditional games have existed for thousands of years. Timeless board games like chess, checkers, mancala, mahjong, all have stayed the same without technology meaningfully impacting them since they were invented. What we’re applying is the digital revolution to board games and the uniquely powerful social experience that comes from it. As such, we’re starting with hardcore board gamer fans to get a strong foothold into the market. From there, we can easily expand into families and leverage our inherent virality of social games.

Q: Do you think it’s inconvenient to transport PlayTable around? And do you have any idea to target professional gamers?

John: Our users have not identified it as inconvenient — it’s actually very preferable to bringing a collection of board games in a suitcase or something. It’s your entire closet full of board games in one place. Plus, I remember packing up my entire at home computer set up for a LAN party at a friend’s house — desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, etc. Gamers are willing to go through such a hassle just to play in person with friends :)

Yes, we look forward to working with pro gamers and bringing esports into our realm of social play.

Q: When will PlayTable ready for purchase?

John: You can actually reserve the PlayTable right now, we have over 100,000 plus customers reserved and we will try our best to take care of everyone. During the pre-order time, you get a big discount when you reserve it, so check it out.

Q: Who is your biggest partner in cooperation?

John: Our biggest announced partner is Catan Studios — Catan is the top-selling modern board game that our audience loves and cares about.

Q: What difficulties did the 8Hours team encounter?

John: Great question! We have had to put a lot of thought and effort into crafting the best user experience possible. Since what we’re doing is so cutting-edge, there wasn’t a manual for us to read — we had to learn how to do it ourselves. Thus, we spend many sleepless nights testing, developing, iterating, in order to make sure people had the most fun possible.

Q: Will there be a future improvement to the PlayTable? If you want to play you’d have to bring the heavy gaming console with you which would be very inconvenient. Will there be a lighter or foldable version?

John: Absolutely! We think it’s possible to have different versions, and we would love to create something portable and easy to travel with. This way, you are able to play with your friends anywhere you want.

Q: Give me the reasons and benefits when users play 8Hours games compared to any other similar games?

John: In 8Hours different games can share in-game currencies through EHrT colored tokens, and cross-promotion can be held between games, which can’t be done on any other platform

Q: Do you have a plan for marketing in the gaming industry?

John: Nowadays, there are a lot of online games out there, the traditional game is faded away. A combination of tradition and modern like 8hours Playtable is innovative but an effective marketing plan is necessary. Yes, we have a very solid go to market strategy that we’ve been working on crafting well for years. We have a strong launchpad already with a 100,000+ waiting list and plan to leverage digital distribution early on so we can quickly expand and make the most out of our first movers’ advantage. Past that, we’re talking with retailers and distributors to get many users globally. What game creators and developers have rights and benefits when cooperating with 8hours? We have a standard 70/30 royalty split with developers, where 3rd party devs take 70%. In addition, access to our token coloring technologies and AAC-minting for toys & authenticating true digital ownership of your collectibles.

These questions are very important to us as we explore what our gamers and supporters want and need to know. Thank you for submitting these AMA questions, and we hope we were able to get to everyone. If we have missed your questions or you’d like to submit a new one, please feel free to do so, email us at hello@8hoursfoundation.org or join us on Telegram for a quicker response.

In addition, we’d like to congratulate the X Node Lucky Draw winners from VeChain AMA Marathon with Sunny.

If you are one of the lucky winners, please contact us to claim your prize at hello@8hours foundation.org

List of winners: http://bit.ly/VeChainAMA

Our live streams on Twitter:
Stage 1: https://twitter.com/8Hours_Official/status/1145679345681227777
Stage 2: https://twitter.com/8Hours_Official/status/1145799779743498240
Stage 3: https://twitter.com/8Hours_Official/status/1145920220265009152
Stage 4: https://twitter.com/8Hours_Official/status/1146041140870672384

Reserve your PlayTable here: https://go.playtable.com/reserve

Read more about the 8Hours Foundation: bit.ly/8hrsNTI

Join the conversation with our passionate community in our Telegram: bit.ly/8hrstelegram

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