8Hours: Presenting Game Night with the Founders (you may know a few)

Jun 29 · 4 min read

At 8Hours Foundation, we are as serious about our social time as we are about our work. We all need to have a right balance between the two, especially in this social media era where we often mistakenly think socializing online equates to meaningful interactions.

We were fortunate to be invited to Kun Gao’s house to demo the PlayTable and introduce the possibility of two worlds combined, blockchain technology and a physical gaming console, unlocking an entirely new world of software features with tangible assets. Kun Gao is a dear friend of ours, and he also runs a company that you may recognize, called CrunchyRoll.

We were thrilled to be a part of this game night adventure with all of our newly made and cherished friends. In this article, we will share with you some of our latest games such as BamFu and how everyone was instantly hooked on battling one another.

BamFu on the PlayTable.

Our founding director, John Dempsey, enjoyed his night with like-minded friends over BamFu. It’s an entertaining and brain-teasing game. BamFu manages to bring out the competitive spirit of all who played it, requiring immense focus during the game but also manages to keep gamers in a relaxed atmosphere. Our team was able to gather insightful feedback from various groups of people, including the founder of Guitar Hero, Kai Huang, and our partner Guido Teuber, founder of Catan.

John Dempsey showing how PlayTable works.
Group pictures with the founders. (familiar faces?)
Catan fully functioning on the PlayTable.

We were also able to showcase our unique coin that connects the virtual world through a physical toy. Physical toys are imbued with digital context, granting them all the benefits of digital assets, such as increased flexibility of game mechanics, ownership tracking, and user customization. We received great responses from the game night goers Samuel Harrison, Managing Partner at Blockchain.com, and Patrick Lee, Co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes, that with PlayTable we are able to give ordinary users the ease of access to the benefits of blockchain technology and provide immersive context and compelling gameplay as well as collectible tokens/toys.

One of the highest feedback we received from our game night was that physical board games require to set up, clean up, closet space, and rulebooks, while digital board games can be downloaded and played instantly at any time, need no storage space, and no set-up and clean-up time, providing a frictionless experience for everyone.

We worked hard to fulfill our mission, and it has been very gratifying to see the happiness and excitement from everyone when we showed them the PlayTable and what it could offer. The essence of board games’ social face-to-face play is preserved, providing the best of both worlds to a new market that is accessible on a global scale. We are excited to bring this concept live to everyone, and we thank you for supporting us and participating in our token sale.

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