A First Look of the PlayTable & 8Hours Wallet.

Sep 5 · 2 min read

With the highly anticipated beta release of PlayTable, we are delighted to share with you a beta user who is happy to share his experience unboxing the PlayTable for the very first time in person. In addition, the user is able to test out our 8Hours Foundation wallet app and view his EHrTs, giving a sneak peek to what we have been working diligently on!

This is the first time a beta user experiences the newest version with the latest software update in person, and the software is able to auto-update. As a beta user, he was kind enough to film his unboxing moments and give his constructive feedback for the PlayTable console as well as the wallet app that he has exclusive access to.

Beta units at the warehouse before shipping out. The packaging design will be updated.

With months of developing and testing, the PlayTable is now in its final stage and ready to be released to the public in early December of this year. The PlayTable will be securely linked with your game account and your 8Hours wallet when you’re registered and logged in. You will able to see your total EHrTs and the games that you’ve purchased previously or credited prior along with many cool features to showcase soon!

A first look at the 8Hours Foundation wallet app. It will be available on Android & iOS.

We’re very thrilled to give everyone a sneak peek on the 8Hours wallet and the possibilities that you can do on it. For one, you can view your current outstanding balance of VET, EHrT, and VTHO along with transferring tokens in and out of the wallet from a VeChain wallet.

Additionally, you can directly mint an NFT toy on the wallet app as well by burning EHrTs.

This exciting feature of minting an NFT opens up an entirely new world for collectibles and tabletop gaming experience as a whole. This way, you can mint an NFT and have unique features attached to the NFT such as gaining experience points, wagering capability, storing tokens, and many more exciting features to be discussed in great detail in the near future when we release more details.

Without further ado, please check out the unboxing experience from our loyal supporter.

Reserve your PlayTable here: https://go.playtable.com/reserve

Read more about the 8Hours Foundation: bit.ly/8hrsNTI

Join the conversation with our passionate community in our Telegram:bit.ly/8hrstelegram

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