8Pay Token Migration: A Safer and Smoother Journey to V2

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2 min readNov 15, 2023


Dear 8Pay Community,

We are excited to share some crucial updates regarding the 8Pay token migration process, designed to ensure a more secure and user-friendly experience for our community.

Streamlining the Migration Process

In response to recent security enhancements, we have migrated to the Multisender.app, simplifying the process for users to transition their 8Pay tokens from V1 to V2. This strategic move not only enhances security but also provides a more accessible pathway for our users.

Migration Steps:

  1. Access Multisender.app:

2. Verify Eligibility:

  • Ensure your eligibility on the Multisender.app platform

3. Execute Claim Operation:

  • Complete the claim operation to smoothly migrate your tokens.

Watch the Claim Process in Action:

For a visual guide on executing the claim operation, we have created a detailed YouTube video. Follow the steps for a hassle-free migration.

Special Note for Polygon Users:

For our Polygon users, rest assured that the airdrop has already been completed, and your tokens are securely in your wallet.

Additional Resources for a Seamless Experience

Claimable Amounts Spreadsheet: To facilitate the migration process, we’ve prepared a Google Sheets link containing all addresses and their respective claimable amounts. Check your status conveniently.

Fortifying Token Supply Security

In our ongoing commitment to security, we have moved the remaining token supply to a smart contract named BridgeTokenVault.

This supply is securely locked, ensuring the safety of our users. In the future, should a new Bridge be set up, we can unlock the supply accordingly.

Feel free to read and query the Verified SmartContracts:

BridgeTokenVault BSC Address : https://bscscan.com/address/0x7308988AEf06F115D6773c19D09B5aBe5bA9bEDD#code

BridgeTokenVault ETH Address:


BridgeTokenVault POLYGON Address:



We value the security and experience of our community. The migration to 8Pay V2 is not just an upgrade; it’s a step forward in providing you with a robust and reliable platform.

Explore the new process, check your claimable amounts, and migrate with confidence using Multisender.app. Your security is our priority.

Thank you for your continued support.

The 8Pay Team



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