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How to Donate Crypto using 8PAY on Twitch or Youtube

8PAY Network is the only decentralised crypto payment processor enabling single, recurring and on demand payments supporting a wide range of tokens. From today you can also use it to donate Crypto currencies to your favorite streamers !

8PAY is currently live on Binance Smart Chain, so make sure to have your tokens and Metamask connected to this chain to donate. If you need help to bridge your tokens from Ethereum or Polygon to Binance Smart Chain, please consult this tutorial.

How to send a Crypto donation in few simple steps:

  1. Go to your Streamer’s profile page eg: https://www.twitch.tv/8pay/about

2. Click Donate Button, you will be redirected to the Donation Form.

3. Fill out the Form with the following fields

“These fields will be used to create the animation to display during the live stream, make sure to fill them correctly”

Username: The donor username, it will be displayed in the livestream message

Amount: The amount of tokens you wish to send

Token: The type of token you want to send

Message: The text message you wish to send to the Streamer (it will be displayed during the livestream)

4. Click the Donate button

Once the form is completed, you can click the Donate button. It will redirect you to the Checkout page.

5. Click the Connect Button

Choose your preferred Wallet (click on it)

If this is the first time you are sending a transaction with 8PAY, you will have to click the “Approve” button.

Confirm the “Approve” from your MetaMask.

After the confirmation of the Approval we are ready to send the Donation by clicking on the Pay Button.

Let’s Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

Let’s wait the confirmation form the blockchain

If the transaction went through successfully, you’ll see a confirmation form. If the streamer is live streaming during your donation, you should be able to see your name and donation appearing during the live.

Here is a video showing the Live message



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