Why I started 8px magazine

We’re all aware that in 2017, you’re ‘not a designer unless you write’. Although writing is a useful creative exercise, it’s actually quite difficult to write eloquently about the design industry and offer an opinion that isn’t already being written about in 100 other places.

With this in mind, I realised that maybe designers don’t have to write about the industry; they can write their own life, through a creative lens.

This is why I started my own newsletter, Milk, No Sugar, and over the past two years I’ve been writing about things other than design.

It’s this creative expression that I want to promote. I want to give designers the opportunity to write, show emotion, showcase other interests outside of design, whether travel, music, film, or pet peeves and ultimately improve writing ability.

8px magazine is my attempt at allowing this to happen, and I have plans to involve designers from around the world, whether as a collaborator or editor.

If you’re interested in pursuing writing in 2018, and would like a platform to present your words, get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to feature you on 8px magazine.

Jump on board, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

If you’re interested in writing for 8px magazine, sign up here and I’ll be in touch.