8th Wall XR Release 8

Release 8 is now live and active! 🎉 Here’s what you can expect:

New Features

+ Support for ARCore 1.3 with Vertical Surfaces and Image Targets
+ Support for XR Remote in non-AR scenes
+ Added ability to use 8th Wall SLAM on ARKit & ARCore devices
+ Added ability to set initial camera facing direction
+ Added ability to increase camera field of view in non-overlay scenes

Enhancements and Fixes

+ Improved 8th Wall SLAM accuracy with enhanced Bundle Adjustment
 and Point Triangulation

+ Fixed Surface Controller mesh orientation for deformable meshes
+ Improved behavior of all XRSurfaceController option combinations
+ Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Click Here to view the full list of updates.

Update Now
To take advantage of the Release 8 features and fixes, simply open your Unity project and navigate to Assets / XR / 8thWall XR, then click “Check for Updates” to upgrade to Release 8.

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