Protocol Weekly #23

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of layer-1 and Ethereum layer-2 protocols.
Happy New Years everyone! Crypto winter has definitely set in by this point and we’re now just left with the real makers building towards the next evolution of crypto. 2020 is going to be the real test of time as we’ll begin seeing Ethereum 2.0, Dfinity and other high profile scaling solutions come to market. Just this week we saw SNARK-driven plasma chain with up to 500 transactions/sec going live on Rinkeby testnet. For 2019 predictions, I enjoyed reading Arjun Balaji’s crypto thesis. A lot of hype is being generated about security tokens as a solution to ICOs, although we’re yet to see any product/market fit that’s comparative to ICOs. Speaking of ICOs, the creators behind FOMO3D are launching 0xChan — an uncensorable 4chan built on top of Ethereum. It very much resembles the feel of the first crowd sales that happened with a simple goal, no crazy pre-sale bonuses and no KYC/AML. With the recent controversy around Patron censoring creators we’re going to start seeing an emerging trend of underground social media sites being built on distributed peer-to-peer technologies. The key component is that the cost of censorship should outweigh the UX challenges of using a more robust technology. That’s a wrap for this edition of Protocol Weekly!

From Alexandra Heller (Communications):

Market Protocol

From Bass Bauman (Head of Business Strategy):

  • Our CEO Seth was interviewed by the editorial team at Coin Bureau, they published a Q&A that is a great resource to learn more about MARKET Protocol.
  • With 2018 coming to a close, our founders — Seth, Collins, and Phil — took a moment to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished lately, check out our EOY update video.
  • Last week we released v0.6 of MPX, which included a number of bug fixes and new features. Highlights from that release:
    - Added privacy mode support for MetaMask
    - Upgraded web3.js to latest beta version 1.0.0
    - Added price cap and floor to the contract state

One thing we need help with:

We are looking for user feedback on our latest release of MPX, let us know your thoughts by completing our user survey.


From Leila Lin (Associate):

  • LRC is Live on Wanchain: A Step Across Chains
    Loopring is the second project to have their ERC20 token, LRC, be integrated onto Wanchain. Wanchain 3.0 is currently capable of supporting cross-chain functionality for Ethereum and Bitcoin. CCN.
  • LRC listed on CITEX exchange. Participants use the Loopring exclusive registration link to sign up and deposit LRC, and they will receive 1000 CTT (current value 380 RMB) for free.
  • Loopring is a supporting platform and exchange for USDC, bringing another regulated fiat-backed stablecoin to DEX trading.
  • Loopring is glad to be part of the WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) initiative as a DAO member, among a strong group of launch partners to help bring Bitcoin to Ethereum.
  • Loopring COO Johnston is interviewed by Milin Finance, a Chinese media outlet, and shares Loopring 2018 Retrospective and 2019 Development Roadmap.
  • Lightcone — is our top priority at the moment. Over the past two weeks, we have been improving and testing the core Relay module. In iOS and Android development, we have also implemented a cryptocurrency news section which provides users with accurate, convenient and timely access to information, directly in-app. The news section includes three categories: newsletter, news and blog. More details in the biweekly report.
Kyber Network

From Shane Hong (Marketing):

  • We are happy to announce that Daonomic, a project that specializes in launching different types of token sales and managing token issuance, has integrated with Kyber to provide users the option to participate in token sales using a wide range of tokens.
  • Hodlmoon, home of ugly crypto sweaters and other popular crypto merchandise, will be one of the first online merchants to integrate with Kyber’s new WooCommerce plugin. This integration will allow users to purchase items in more than seventy different ERC20 tokens available in the Kyber liquidity protocol.
  • It’s been 2 months since WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) was announced to the ecosystem. We have been hard at work since, and we would like to share an update regarding the technical, ecosystem and governance progress. Read about the 1st WBTC minted, DAO workflow, additional launch partners, and more!
Liquidity Network

From Patricia Bentley (Business Development):

  • Two hub explorers have now been released. They have been built using the NOCUST server interface and are now live. They will help our users to gain an insight into what’s going on with the hub more information can be found at and
  • Improvements to the SDK and more information regarding its use has been created.

From Jay Kurahashi-Sofue (Marketing):

  • We’re continuing to improve the AirSwap experience for all of our customers. If you haven’t tried to make a trade on AirSwap already, head over to and make your first trade today!

One thing we need help with:

We have a handful of brand new positions open at AirSwap (Fluidity). If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.

Participating Projects:


Market Protocol, Loopring, Kyber Network, Liquidity Network, AirSwap.

Updates Not Included This Week:

Wanchain, Aion, ICON.

CDx, Abacus Protocol, Enigma, Set Protocol, Codex Protocol, Colony, The Graph, POA, Quantstamp, Connext Network, Dharma Protocol, Civic, Paradigm, Origin Protocol, Matic Network.

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