Protocol Weekly #32

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum protocols and other layer 1 chains.

This week has been a big one with Cosmos officially launching! What’s surprising is the fact that it’s 97x times up its ICO price and is #8 in terms of market cap (according to OnChainFX).

Interoperability chains are going to be interesting to see play out. On one hand they act as a competitor to projects such as Ethereum but on the other hand it requires a project to reinvent multiple layers of a technical stack, right down to the consensus algorithm to a JSON-RPC communication framework and various developer applications (Remix, Truffle, Infura etc). I’m personally unsure what the benefits are at this point in time because there’s still no evident use case apart from scaling when it comes to application specific chains. Considering most projects are struggling to find product market fit, spending a large amount of time on focusing on scaling feels like the wrong thing to focus in on at this point in time. There’s then the fact that you need to consider the security of an application specific chain which is a lot more complicated. Overall I’m bullish on application specific chains but more in the long term than anything short or medium turn.


From Alexandra:

From Bass:

  • We stood up staging environments for MPX exchange, our API, & admin panel!
  • Continued work on user dashboard. This is nearing completion.
  • Continued admin UI & backend work

From Leila:

  • Loopring protocol developer, Brecht Devos, was in Paris for #EthCC
  • Loopring has scheduled an upgrade for the LRC token smart contract on May 8th, 2019 [00:00 to 24:00 Beijing time]. This will allow it to reflect the reduced LRC total supply in real-time as LRC tokens are burned by our new fee model introduced in Loopring Protocol 2.0.
  • Kriptomat hosted a live video AMA with Loopring’s Matthew Finestone on March 7th.
  • Loopring sponsored ETHUofT hackathon on March 8–10, and the main prize went to team PeerRing for their Android P2P trading app.
  • Loopring introduces an enhanced Dutch Auction-based exchange model, Oedax, that allows both buyers and sellers to participate after an auction starts.

From Jay:

  • Last week, our partners Civil launched their CVL membership token sale using the AirSwap Widget to enable quick, easy token purchasing function all within their website. From opening the AirSwap Widget to completing a transaction all can be accomplished with just 5 clicks. Learn more about Civil’s (CVL) membership token sale.
  • HTC announced their newest smartphone EXODUS–a native web 3.0 blockchain phone. On EXODUS, you can browse web3 with our partners Opera and trade crypto assets using AirSwap. Read the original tweet.
  • AirSwap is co-hosting Fluidity Summit on May 9 at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (Weylin). Limited early bird tickets are on sale now. You can stay up to date with event updates on the official Facebook Events page.

One thing we need help with:

AirSwap is looking for a front-end engineer to join our team! If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.

From Shane:

  • KyberDAO Voting Experiment #1 Calling all Kyber community members! As part of our early experiments to gather feedback and metrics on building a DAO, you are invited to participate in the 1st KyberDAO Voting Experiment using Aragon. Voting begins now and will end on 24th March 9PM GMT+8. Find more details in this blog post.
  • Kyber is conducting a developer workshop in London — ‘Bringing Liquidity On-Chain and Across Chains’ on the 16th March, as part of the finals week of the Future of Blockchain hackathon.
  • 20th March in Singapore: Kyber Network, MakerDAO, and are hosting a community meetup together about ‘Crypto for mass-adoption’. Come use Crypto in real life!
  • Loi will be a panel speaker about blockchain & cryptocurrency at Money2020 Asia held in Singapore, sponsored by Google, MasterCard and many other global companies. This will be on 21st March. Check out the agenda here.

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