Protocol Weekly — Issue #4

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum layer-2 protocols.
This week’s been a rollercoaster for the markets. We’re starting to experience hysteria regarding ETH dying or going to 0 — as irrational as it may be. What’s also interesting is the emergence of the fat monies vs fat protocol thesis. In our view, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Without fat monies, there isn’t a secure store of value everyone believes in. Without fat protocols, the application and usage of digital currencies is extremely limited. This newsletter contains projects which enable fat monies to become spendable through a new medium. In the long run, it isn’t in the best interest for the price of Ether to climb high as it will represent a higher price to utilise the network. The best bit about crypto is no one is right and no is wrong despite past experience or status, only time can dictate this. If you’re on Twitter, feel free to reach out to me @kermankohli.

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From Jay Kurahashi-Sofue (Marketing):

  • If you’re a developer and are looking for a collaborative community of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, we welcome you to join us on our Developers Telegram.
  • On August 8, we held a private, invite-only #AirSwapNext event at our offices in Brooklyn. During #AirSwapNext, we welcomed friends, customers, and partners to our offices for updates on the Widget, Toolkit, and a new OTC product including a trading demo with Mike Novogratz. The full event recap can be read on the AirSwap blogand on the recap article by CoinDesk.
  • On August 15, we will roll out our new conversational OTC product to Mainnet. The update will be available to a limited private beta group. If you’re interested in the private beta, please register here.

One thing we need help with:

We’re continuing our search for a Technical Product Manager to join the AirSwap team! If you’re interested in the TPM role or want to submit a general application, please submit your application in the “Careers” section here.

From Janine Videva (Head of Marketing):

  • Resolved issue with the faucet which allows users to receive a small amount of Wei to experience the capabilities of the wallet without depositing.
  • We are also excited to announce the launch of our fortnightly community newsletter, where the community can keep up to date with Liquidity’s chronological achievements and events directly from the team. Please subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of our website ( A Chinese translation will also be available for our Asian community.
  • Crafting a Bitcoin token in Ethereum: Arthur has published with his co-authors at Imperial College London the latest design on how to make a Bitcoin token in Ethereum:
  • Such novel techniques will significantly improve trustless cross chain capabilities. The whole blockchain ecosystem will benefit from such interoperability solutions, such that different blockchains will not only compete but rather develop healthy synergies moving the usability of blockchains to the next level.

From Aaron Mayer (Community):

  • Enigma held an AMA with the tech team. Questions and answers can be seen here:
  • We’ll be announcing the winners of the community writing contest on Twitter, so stay tuned.
  • We’re planning a meetup in Boston around TokenFest, so if you’re in town, make sure to drop by!

One thing we need help with:

Serenity in these bearish times with the knowledge that we’re building genuinely valuable technologies, no matter what the market thinks ;)

From Daniel Wang (Founder of Loopring Foundation):

  • Loopr and Circulr DEX has 6 new listings, (MT, HVN, QCH,WIC, Cyber), if you’d like to submit a token listing request please do so here.
  • Loopring has recently signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Corl to build out further tools and infrastructure for the Security Token trading ecosystem.

From TN Lee (Head of Business):

  • Poloniex is opening markets in and Kyber Network (#KNC)!

One thing we need help with:

Integrate with Kyber! We are looking for teams integrate Kyber’s liquidity network into their project and provide us with feedback. 
Documentation can be found here:

From Brendan Dharma (Head of Growth Operations):

  • Last week was the first week of our tour in Asia. We spent the first half of the week in Beijing, where we met with several really interesting teams, including DDEX and BitPie.
  • Over the weekend we attended ETHIndia, where we were blown away by the 9 (!!) awesome teams that built projects on Dharma. We awarded first prize to a team that built the first functioning bond issuance platform (link:
  • We released a new and improved Developer Portal ( Developer Portal includes a conceptual overview of Dharma Protocol, deep API documentation, tutorials and starter kits, and an extensive FAQ
  • Started work on a collateralizer contract for ERC721s. This enables loans of any unique NFT — crypto kitties, plots of decentraland, invoices represented by NFTs, etc.
  • We’re always hiring ( Current hiring priority is for blockchain and full-stack development. If you don’t see a great role fit but are interested in working with us, shoot Brendan a note at brendan-at-dharma-dot-io

One thing we need help with:

We are hiring a marketing manager on Angelist.

From Kevin Lu (Product):

  • The team has developed the hi-fi equivalents of the above with a strong focus on the UI/UX. The payment-gateway screens will be included in the MVP; users will be able to interact with the 8x payment-gateway when wanting to sign up for a subscription, businesses will be able to implement the portal into their existing gateways in order to accept recurring cryptocurrency payments.
  • The next steps for us would be creating the hi-fi designs for the “manage subscription” screens as well as prototyping our payment-gateway on a hosted server.
  • Check out our main screen for the payment-gateway HERE.

One thing we need help with:

Looking for businesses and services to integrate our MVP when it is released, if you or anyone you know would be interested please contact us (even if you are not a business or service and would love to contribute and experience the consumer end please get in touch) at

Participating Projects:

AirSwap, Liquidity Network, Enigma, Loopring, Kyber Network, Codex Protocol, Dharma, 8x Protocol.

Updates Not Included This Week:

Origin Protocol, Civic, Set Protocol, Abacus Protocol, Connext Network.

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