Intelligent Government in 2099

We are at the beginning of a new year, 2099. Humanity is at the door of new era. We killed the democracy. Long live AICracy. Next millennium children will see parliaments only in the history books.

Living The Lie

Today, it is hard to believe that people kept voting to create more filthy rich representatives for centuries. They didn’t give up creating more cruelty and hunger in the world. Majority killed the cat. It’s unbelievable that they select an elite group to rule the country. This important decision is left in the hands of majority although most of the people don’t know what is best for themselves. How could they decide who is best to rule? And what is representation? Representation power turns an angel to a demon. Most of the last representatives just pick the shortest way to the wealth and power. Majority couldn’t change the conventional superstitions for centuries. Can you believe that we lived with the idea of “Eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest.”? Majority stole the time of our lives.

The Need for Innovation

Today, these decisions are too important to be left to insufficient neurons of human brains. The last government in USA used smart report between 2038 and 2045 to see new legislation proposals’ potential results in the future. iDecide; the government helper software created the report. This report show the simulation of the country with respect to time and new laws. It helped a lot to decide on difficult topics for humans. It cut the most of the taxes and defence expenditures. Brought the full transparent budget. It closed the zoos. After some improvements it had the ability too present a legislative proposals. After so many right decisions, 30% of votes are reserved for iDecide. After a couple of decades with software-aided government decisions, it was obvious that iDecide performed better than people in parliament.

Thanks to AI, we rely on full-automated decisions, 100%. We have the most innovative solution to rule the country. AICracy is an autonomous system where government is nothing but a software. In this government, people are not involved in making decisions. All decisions are being made by this artificially intelligent software. Every law is synthesized by evaluating entire digitized data collected through humanity. Every department is just an another module. This system has ability to watch urging needs of humans, animals and most of the creatures. It creates and integrates new modules in need. High failure rate human brain don’t have right to vote anymore. No more election, no more representatives. Our dusty parliament buried beneath the modules of AICracy.

0 Level

This base software module at the heart of AICracy is called 0 level. Every outcome has an impact degree. If its destructive for life, earth and nature it s negative. It is more useful as it goes positively. This software is programmed and trained to produce high level outputs. It has the best future simulator that can simulate and forecast law abiding citizens with respect to the new laws as parameters.

In the last decade, it has been tested in selected pilot countries. Other than minor incidents, there was just two major false decisions reported. These unintended results are caused by two reasons: a bug and an attack.

Mutualism Threshold

This bug called Neuro-day bug. It led the AICracy to create negative weighted output. This affected neurogenenis module which is responsible for producing and managing self-aware creatures. It is an another version of Master Race. The key difference is humans are not involved, all products based on creatures or nano-organisms. Neuro module manages the all process. It creates new borns with different brain structure. The automated research studies the lives and relationships of this creatures. Some creatures isolated and some lives together in order to study the relationships. This bug affected the community of creatures. It changed the mutualism threshold. This was the balance that prevent species from extinction. This bug led to massive death of creatures. 72% of them is killed disproportionally.


Other cause the attack was targeted the Sniffer module. This module is responsible for collecting and processing the information based on the urging needs of people. This has network of neurons+. Neurons+ are modified neurons that has ability to transfer information wirelessly to another person. They are in use to share identity of person for almost 10 years. The attack is targeted at this network. The trace shows that the attack is performed by the Z Module which is an illegal module created to manipulate open data transfer between neurons+. It has new feature for 7 months: sharing emotions. People now can sense the real emotions of people via neurons+. This magical function accepted in a breeze by most of the people although it is getting criticized by conservatives. The anonymous creators of Z-Module believe it is inappropriate to share emotions via neurons+. They found a way to manipulate the transferred emotional data. The effected people now send unintended emotions at random periods. The Shield module’s investigator sDrones are now analyzing the data manipulation attack and we are, the people are just watching…