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#4| Mahesh — Kirana Chronicles

The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will – Chuck Palahniuk

Short Story



  • Mahesh’s store accepts all modes of payments from customers and vendors. He expresses that a business should be flexible enough to accept payments in all forms — cash, digital payments or cheques.
  • He uses net banking for personal purposes like recharging his phone, etc.
  • Large customers like organisations pay through cash or cheque. The older customers who have been doing business with the store are usually given credit.


  • Mahesh has availed several loans from several banks in the many years of running the business. He had also availed a loan from a digital lending app.
  • In order to enable easier accounting and tracking, separate accounts are maintained for servicing and sales.
  • Mahesh’s plan to buy new land requires him to take a loan for a bigger amount. This remains his motivation to maintain a good score by making timely payments.


  • Mahesh's store has a licensed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to keep track of everyday transactions. Mahesh claims the complexities and dependencies caused by the previously used software caused him to shift to a more user-friendly and flexible one.
  • Mahesh has trained all his employees to use the software in his absence. He mentions that the software offers him a seamless experience of editing, exporting and sending it to the auditor.

Customer Management

  • Mahesh deals with several customers on an everyday basis; customers come to buy or service their laptops, small and medium-sized companies place orders in bulk, laptops are also rented out to many individual customers or companies.
  • Mahesh mentions that the peak period, when the store sells maximum laptops is in the month of January. When asked why that was the case, he claims that new startups generally start in and around the month of January every year.
  • A WhatsApp group with several other vendors helps him market his products. Mahesh plans to increase the store’s reach by creating an online platform to sell laptops to multinational companies and individual buyers.

Vendor Management

  • Over the years Mahesh has built good relationships with his vendors. Since the store deals with service, sales, and rentals, he is in constant communication with many vendors. The vendors supply laptops and even direct him to sellers and buyers.
  • On some occasions, Mahesh and other vendors like him take part in bidding for laptops. Bidding for laptops happen when an organisation decides to discard its old laptops or sparingly used laptops. Mahesh comes to know about these bidding through his WhatsApp group networks
  • These networks help him to connect with prospective buyers and sellers.

Employee Management

  • Mahesh treats his employees as equals. His previous experience of working under his boss helped him grow, to set up something of his own. He hopes to become an inspiration to his employees as well.
  • The emergence of hyperlocal delivery startups has caused a decline in the availability of manpower. With these platforms providing their employees with more flexible and well-paying jobs, Mahesh often struggles to bring in new employees and continues to struggle to even retain his existing staff.


  • Having started his business when the country began to see a rise in technology adoption, Mahesh has seen the subsequent shift technology has brought about to businesses such as his business. From maintaining accounts to marketing his products to vendors on WhatsApp groups, he relies on tech every day for the functioning of his business.

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