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Persona #1 — Trendsetter

A persona is a tool that helps designers build and test digital products that meet the needs of real people. This persona is a fictional character that represents the goals and behaviours of potential users.

“I am financially secure for now. I dream of buying a home some day. I would like to go for international trips and try out adventure sports like bungee jumping and paragliding for myself.”

Journey so far

Vasanth works as a software engineer in Hyderabad. He is recently married and lives with his parents. He has been working for the past 5 years in the same organisation and looks forward to moving to a better-paying job when he has kids. Vasanth is a native resident of Hyderabad, where he completed his education.

Financial Behaviour

Vasanth has four bank accounts and has connected all the bank account across all the UPI apps. He has two credit and he maximises his opportunity to get the best deal of them. Vasanth is drawn towards the instant access of consumer goods through EMI loans and at the same time he wants to avoid any kind of debt trap in the future. He has a stock trading account and purchases stocks with advice from his friend.

He is open to trying out new digital applications and is an early adopter of most of the popular apps in the market.

Data Sharing & Privacy

Vasanth chooses safety over convenience when it comes to data sharing. He is well aware of the consequences of sharing data in untrusted apps and websites. He looks for reviews and trustworthiness over the internet through Google reviews and Quora before testing out any new app.

Tech literacy

Vasanth is active on all the popular social media apps where he not only consumes the content but also actively shares his life.

He also extensively uses all the entertainment platforms from Spotify to Hotstar. He also uses the internet beyond just entertainment. In his free time he enjoys watching software related videos on Youtube.

Decision Influence

Vasanth embraces the convenience of digital. He hears about new apps and financial products through his friend circle or through popular media like Twitter. He later searches for reviews on the internet and weighs in the pros and cons before making the decision. He thinks about the long-term benefits of using a financial product as his present is secured for now.

Future of Data Sharing:

‘Future of Data Sharing’ aims at designing a playbook for consented sharing to enable financial services in India. The objective of this research is to develop a design toolkit with the upcoming public infrastructure Account Aggregators as the main theme in focus. The toolkit will host resources and assets around designing better user experiences for data sharing and data portability.

Future of Data Sharing is sponsored by Facebook and executed in collaboration with D91 Labs, DICE, Parallel Labs, and TTC Labs

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About D91 Labs

This research was executed and documented by D91 labs. D91 labs is an open-source initiative by setu.co to help Bharat build great fintech products. We organize and publish user research, insights, and frameworks for fintech in India. Please follow us on medium for more exciting stories and insights on Bharat.

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D91 labs is an open source initiative to help Bharat to build great fintech products. We organise and publish user research, insights and frameworks for fintech in India.

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