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Persona #5 — Cautious

A persona is a tool that helps designers build and test digital products that meet the needs of real people. This persona is a fictional character that represents the goals and behaviours of potential users.

“I should be financially independent and stable. If there is any need, no matter what it is, I should have the money for it. I like to move step-by-step.”

Journey so far

Riya works as a branch head at a coaching institute in Mumbai. She is married and lives with her husband and in-laws. She wants to buy a new house in the next 3–4 years for which she plans to take a home loan. She is confident about her investments and believes that she is financially stable.

Financial Behaviour

Riya shares a bank account and monthly expenses with her husband. She makes monthly bill payments using her debit card or cash while her husband handles her investments. She doesn’t like the idea of having a credit card as she doesn’t want any debt.

She along with her husband has invested in various products like FD, mutual funds, stock market, and PPF. She also has health insurance.

Data Sharing & Privacy

Riya is highly concerned about her privacy when it comes to sharing her personal data on social media. She has changed her privacy settings on Facebook which only lets her friends see her posts.

She is ready to pay apps for not monitoring her data if guaranteed. She chooses safety over convenience when it comes to data sharing. She prefers to share her personal and financial data only with banks.

Tech literacy

Riya owns multiple gadgets that she uses frequently. She actively uses and posts on Facebook and Instagram. She also uses multiple apps for entertainment. She uses the Truecaller app on her phone to identify phone numbers and block spams.

Decision Influence

Trust and familiarity are two major motivations for Riya to opt for any financial product or service. She also tends to adopt a financial product if it is easily accessible.

She has little understanding of financial products and relies on her family and friends for making financial decisions.

Future of Data Sharing:

‘Future of Data Sharing’ aims at designing a playbook for consented sharing to enable financial services in India. The objective of this research is to develop a design toolkit with the upcoming public infrastructure Account Aggregators as the main theme in focus. The toolkit will host resources and assets around designing better user experiences for data sharing and data portability.

Future of Data Sharing is sponsored by Facebook and executed in collaboration with D91 Labs, DICE, Parallel Labs, and TTC Labs

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