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Open source design community for fintech

We believe that the majority of our current design choices on the web are inspired by western mental models. There is a pressing need for prominent data points and design resources that are tailored made for Indian contexts.

Also, ‘design’ is looked upon as a luxury. Beyond well funded and established organisations, smaller ones have access to neither good design nor the research. Our goal is to empower the fintech creators with qualitative user research and insights that empower developers to create a superior user experience for India.

About D91 Labs:

D91 labs is an open source initiative by Setu to understand and enhance the financial lives of Bharat that embrace financial inclusion at the grass root level. D91 aims to bridge the empathy gap between the product developers and the last mile understanding of Bharat. We publish open source research, insights, frameworks and component libraries for any fintech company to develop digital offerings for India.

D91 Lab’s work spans across these following four verticals

1. Contextual user research:

A user research exercise that aims to give a snapshot of the financial lives of people across India. The research data and insights shall be published as indexable and consumable formats for designers, developers and other stakeholders to develop empathy towards their end consumers.

2. User experience playbook:

A playbook for fintech products that illustrates the rules and principles for developing the superior user experience for India. This playbook covers an array of topics including the ones that are generally overlooked in design like localisation, consent, product marketing etc. This playbook takes its shape form the contextual user research conducted.

3. Pattern library:

An extensive ready to consume components for developers and designers to create bespoke financial products and services for India. We envision that the pattern library with the UX playbook and user research should nudge an organisation to create new age digital experiences that challenge the status quo.

4. Design Insights:

Collection of thoughts and opinions on fintech from industry experts and enthusiasts who would bring their practical wisdom to the people. We would be covering topics that range from economics, consumer behaviour, policy making, technology, psychology etc. If fintech has to be looked from a design lens then we need to look into places that are more than just ‘design’.

D91 aims to bridge the empathy gap between the product developers and the Bharat. We are taking baby steps and we would love to collaborate with more people and organisation who believe in our mission.

Collaborate with D91 labs:

A community becomes strong when the great mission believers come together to create the magic. We are just getting started and we would love your help in building D91 labs and scaling it. We are looking for the collaborators who could potentially be one of these three categories.

  1. Experts:

Experts in either fintech or design who could share their knowledge with the community. Experts could publish articles, speak at our events, mentor the community.

2. Individuals:

People who believe in discovering a voice for Indian design and would like to contribute for the greater good of the community. Individuals could conduct design research, build design assets, organise community meetups. You get a chance to meet like-minded folks and be mentored by some of the best experts in the industry.

3. Organisations:

Organisations who believe their product offering has a significant impact on the growing digital adoption in India and are open to contributing to the community. We look at the organisation as our design partners where we conduct design research with their customers whose impact stories could be shared with the world.

Sounds exciting?! Do drop a little about yourself 👇 in this link and we would get back to you :)

Collaborate with D91 labs

D91 labs is an open source initiative by Setu.

About Setu:

Setu empowers businesses and developers to reimagine financial products for the next billion users. Setu builds low-cost, modular API infrastructure so that you can go live in a matter of days, not months.



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