In Through The Out Door, cover #2

“South Bound Saurez”

You can take a long train ride followed by three flights across some seven thousand miles, two trips through two separate nations’ version of border control, a bus to the center of a strange and distant city, a few happily accidental wrong turns on foot and an unplanned walk to this particular street to finally, after damn near 40 years of living and damn near 30 of listening, understand it’s not some exotic boat or a mislabeled French party or whatever the hell else you thought he was singing about but rather a fun little number about a gorgeous Uruguayan woman and you can embrace the admittedly petty and misplaced symbolism of how this revelation serves the idea that the things you love are with you wherever you go.

Or, barring that, you can just read it as a typo that’s gone uncorrected. Either is fine.

Grade: C