Day 33: Can’t say much.

Work as usual. Everyone, except for Edu, had to visit the doctor.

No News, Good news?

We are now 2 Days behind schedule. If things work out as planned, we should be able to deliver on time.

Our Characters are Ready:

These guys will be really important in our marketing and branding Strategy. Think of a Intercom, but different.

Website Design 90%

A preview for our Website. We still have to change a couple of things like images. (Most of them are placeholders.

Facturabot’s website design is almost done. We follow a workflow to build (What we think) are great websites. It kinda goes like this.

Competitor research: We analyze our competitors, read trade blogs and forums. We follow CopyHacker’s Worksheets.

Write: We make an outline and write down our main thoughts and discoveries.

Design: We design our website around our copy.

Putting Things Together: We edit our texts on a Sketch file to make the finishing touches. (We are currently here)

Spent So Far: $2,531.08 USD

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