Day 1 — The 100 Thing Challenge

8 Apr 2016

Yesterday, I just resigned from Gushcloud, an influencer marketing company where I worked for almost 2 years as Senior Web Developer.

People said I’m crazy enough to leave the company that willing to pay me higher than the Country Manager. Actually I even don’t know how much they pay for our country manager.

The main reason why I decided to leave the company is because I want to find the meaningful job, meaningful work. And I realised that Jobless is not Workless.

Jobless doesn’t mean Workless

I’ve something excited work after resign, that’s build my own product an Indonesian Online Wedding Invitation Site. Make it profitable, make it enjoyable to built. And I also wanna continue contribute to my non-profit product where you can find Hadits in Bahasa Indonesia for free. It’s like Google for Hadits. And the last, I wanna built crawl engine for wedding articles and classified based on after/before married.

To make it happens, I’ll tell all my daily stories into this publication 99 days. Why 99? first, It’s beautiful number for Moslem after they praying, Dhikr.

So I start this 99 days with the 100 Thing Challenge. Inspired by my favourite single-multirole-designer-developer who shared his life and prove it to his parent about what he’s doing.

This is just for clothing, top right ready for donation.

Here’s my 100 thing challenge table

Let’s reset our life.

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