Off the Top of My Head

An Experiment in Stream of Consciousness Writing

Photo by Mario Álvarez on Unsplash

This is an experiment, dear reader, for which I apologise in advance. Ethics dictate I must tell you up front and give you the chance to opt out.

Still here?

Thank you.

At the time of starting to write this, it is 21:19 exactly. I haven’t given the potential content a good deal of thought. But



Writing is a solitary life. Success and failure are lonely places. Words seduce us into typing until our fingers bleed but only a chosen few turn a dollar. With the world screaming for gripping content how can that be? 999 Writer Problems supports writers with their craft.

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Jessica Russell

Jessica Russell

Freelance writer. ADHD PhD research student. Educator. Author of The Life of Louise Norton Little, Mother of Malcolm X