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99Starz Academy — STZ Token Utility

Here at 99Starz, we are focused on helping people have easier access to blockchain gaming and earning rewards.

Using the 99Starz platform, members are able to tap into the gig economy of the metaverse and generate an income from blockchain gaming. All possible through the $STZ token. To further help our community, we’re planning to launch the 99Starz Academy — learn to earn initiative!

What is the 99Starz Academy?

The 99Starz academy will be home to step-by-step guides, allowing anyone to start their P2E journey. Cataloging strategies for different tier players, posting updates with new balance patches and making sure our community has every single tool they need to succeed.

The 99Starz Academy is a place where everyone can learn to make a living using nothing but their knowledge and Internet access.

How will it work?

The concept of Play To Earn gaming has been revolutionary. For some, it provided more financial stability than traditional employment. A significant portions of wealth could be distributed to people that need it the most. And, by incentivizing people to spend their energy on learning to play games, explore the mechanics and build communities we’re able to create a completely new economy.

The 99Starz academy will focus on growing the P2E economy and encourage $STZ token holders to learn beyond the basic skills required to play.

You’ll be able to learn from the best blockchain gaming experts and become an expert yourself. We’ll show you where to start, explain how to easily earn rewards from various P2E games, and give exclusive intel on different blockchain games.

When Can I Start Learning?

Currently, our game specialists are creating guilds in various P2E games like Thetan Arena, Cryptomotos, F1 Delta Time, Sorare, Axie Infinity an more.

By working together with community members, we’re collecting relevant information and creating guides. We hope to launch the academy as soon as enough content is created.

Start your Play 2 Earn Journey With the STZ Token.

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