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99Starz Guild Performance in December 2021 — Generating Crypto From P2E Games.

2021 has been a successful year for 99Starz and our community. Together we’ve achieved a lot — welcomed new members into our family, included new games into our platform, and helped our users earn a tremendous amount of rewards.

And, the month of December didn’t let us down, either. Let’s see how well we did during the last month of 2021 (December 12th — 31st).

December 2021 Yield — $109,000

Last month 99Starz Yield guilds earned a total of $109k (price recorded on January 10th) worth of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other in-game assets.

The top-earning guilds this month were:

#1 Sorare

#2 The REVV ecosystem (with F1 Delta Time bringing the most success).

New Guilds on The Horizon

But those aren’t the only guilds that have been successfully working and playing together to farm rewards. Our guild in Axie Infinity — the most popular P2E game, has been steadily climbing ranks.

With the new Axie balance patches, our captains are already on the lookout for meta-breaking builds.

New Thetan Arena Guild

We’ve given out several scholarships and onboarded 99Starz token holders to play together.

During the month, 99Starz didn’t have the chance to use all of its current assets. So we are planning to expand into different games and create new guilds regularly — if you want to join, make sure to follow our social media for new openings.

Moving Forward

In January, we have already started and will continue building new guilds.

Gaming brings more enjoyment when played with others. That’s why we offer our STZ token holders 99Starz Yield guilds where they can join a team of like-minded players and work together toward their goals.

Guilds are an efficient way to farm rewards as a group of people — you do not only benefit from your individual performance but you also reap collective rewards.

Where to buy STZ Tokens?

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99Starz is bringing the play-to-earn game model to millions of gamers through NFT renting and guild formations.

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