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99Starz Opens a CryptoMotors Guild

A new guild has arrived! We’re excited to step into the Cryptomotors game universe.

About the CryptoMotors

CryptoMotors are crypto-collectible digital cars made by professional automotive designers. Collect, trade or drive the CryptoMotor cars in different games and platforms. All CryptoMotors are stats-based, each car is hand-made and limited in quantity.

With plenty of racing games in the works, CryptoMotors is looking to bring back some flare into the racing world.

Apply Now!

Submit your applications to Join a 99Starz CryptoMotors Guild — Submit Application

The 99Starz CryptoMotors Guild

99Starz is assembling a play-to-earn gaming guild within the game. Our players will have exclusive access to the 99Starz garage inside the game, as well as other items we prepared for the incoming Alpha game that will arrive soon. We’ll have 8 test drivers available for the Alpha, and we are planning to expand the team soon with more scholarships coming in.

We’ve already secured multiple CryptoMotor cars for our guild members to dominate the track with.

Retro Rocket — Part of 99Starz NFTs For Racing

Scholarships Available!

99Starz is looking for recruits to sit behind the wheel and triumph on the race track. Receive an exclusive CryptoMotors car and prove yourself on the leader board.

How to apply?

If you think CryptoMotors is something you’d be great at and want an opportunity to receive your scholarships here’s what you need to do.

  1. Hold at least 500 STZ Tokens. You can get STZ tokens on:

2. Send your request for a scholarship via Google Forms — Here.

Abyssus — Part of 99Starz NFTs For Racing

The benefits of joining a guild

  • Learn the best game strategies and secrets.

Every guild includes a Game Master — a person who’s already an experienced and highly knowledgeable player in that particular P2E game. By being part of a 99Starz guild, you’ll be able to learn from the Game Master and gather everything they know about the game.

  • Earn rewards more efficiently.

Guilds are an efficient way to claim rewards. As a member of the guild, you do not only benefit from your individual performance but you also reap collective rewards.

  • Enter tournaments.

You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to showcase your skills at tournaments that are only available to players inside the 99Starz guilds.

99Starz already has several guilds operating inside the most popular P2E games, including Axie Infinity, REVV Racing, and F1 Delta times. Adding more guilds in the newest games is a great way to get an advantage and train stronger players, and earn more rewards in the process.

Fasten your seatbelt and join the CryptoMotors Guild — the fast time of your life begins!

For more information

Join our Telegram or Discord channels & follow us on Twitter



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