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99Starz Roadmap Review — What Have we Been up to?

06/14/2022 Investor Update:

STZ Token Vesting has started please claim your tokens at https://investor.99starz.io

99Starz is shattering the barrier of entry for play-to-earn gaming through rentable NFT assets and guild formations! So, what have we been up to? Let’s look into it!

The 99Starz Team is proud to share a recap of our results during these months. We’ve worked hard to provide our community with the best experience possible and are excited to show you the results.

The Official 99Starz Roadmap Release

Here’s the official roadmap so you could better understand the timeline of new features and what has already been accomplished.

2021 Q4

  • Private sale contracts;
  • 99Starz token public launch;
  • Listing 99starz on major Dex Platforms.

After a successful private sale round and public launch, our main goal was to list the 99Starz token on most major Dex platforms. To provide liquidity and entry points for existing as well as new token holders.

2022 Q1

  • Launching the MVP for trustless wallet platform;
  • Launching the MVP of the 99Starz Wallet extension;
  • Discovering game integrations with 2 partners.

At it’s core, 99Starz is a project that’s aimed at gamers that might not know the full ins and outs of the cryptocurrency space. So, we’ve set out to develop a user friendly wallet — allowing users to seamlessly join the 99Starz ecosystem. While it’s still in early prototyping, we’re making good progress!

2022 Q2

  • Website scholar and admin panel MVP functionality;
  • Operating existing 99Starz guilds at full capacity;
  • 99Starz Wallet add-on & Platform alpha launch;
  • 99Starz Wallet & Platform upgrades;
  • Integration with the first P2E games (to be announced).

Moving into Q2, we’re bringing out the big guns! Launching the MVP version of your gaming ecosystem. Our main priority is still adding tons of new members to our existing guilds and integrating the 99Starz ecosystem into existing P2E games.

2022 Q3

  • Launching Platform add-ons (Master & Captain functionality);
  • Wallet extension release to the general public;
  • Allow public staking of NFTs on the 99Starz Platform;
  • Integration with additional P2E games (to be announced).

During Q3, we want to move past just having players in our guilds — we want to implement our Master & Captain functionality to increase the efficiency and yields of all guilds. And we want to get the community even further involved through NFT lending, creating an easy to use system for player to utilize their unused assets.

2022 Q4

  • The final release of the 99Starz Platform & Wallet add-on;
  • Introducing an on-platform voting system(first release of DAO);
  • Exploring cross-chain integrations and lending.

At the end of the year, we’re planning to have the 99Starz platform as well as wallet fully up and running. This is when we start targeting the hugest P2E game providers out there and start implementing the first-version of our DAO system.

No road is without bumps!

Of course, there will always be setbacks, we had to shift some deadlines around due to the current global situation. The 99Starz project is extremely interconnected with other ecosystems and largely depends on their collaborative efforts. Part of our team members are also from Ukraine — and their safety is our #1 priority above all development deadlines.

We are trying to provide as much help as we can, and hope that everything comes back to normal as fast as possible.

99Starz Achievements

Let’s recap everything that we’ve managed to accomplish in just 2 short months. There’s a lot to unpack!

1. Over $200k worth of tokens and assets generated

With the number of guild members, yield earnings are high as never before. Our community is going full speed ahead and doing what they do best — generating yield from P2E games. Here are the results:

  • In December we’ve managed to generate 109k$ USD worth of tokens and assets.
  • In February we’ve managed to get 75k$ USD worth of tokens and assets.

In total over 200k$ USD of assets and tokens were generated.

2. More Connections Forged!

We thrive on new experiences and possibilities. Widening our community, we’ve collaborated with Cipholio, Gate.io, Thetan Arena, and Cryptomotors.

These partnerships gave us a lot of exciting projects allowing our community to grow bigger each day. We keep looking forward to starting new collaborations!

3. Scholarship Program Online!

P2E games can be an expensive investment at the start because of the high NFT prices. Lots of players can’t even start the Play-To-Earn journey, despite their passion and talent at e-sports.

We also allow every player to manifest their ability in e-sports, despite their financial status or previous game experience. Currently, 99Starz has active guilds in these P2E games

  • Sorare
  • Thetan Arena
  • Cryptomotors
  • Axie Infinity
  • REVV Racing

We’ve been able to provide scholarships for Thetan Arena and Cryptomotors — our 2 newest guilds.

Moving forward, we’ll be expanding both guilds with thousands of new members. As we’ve already had the assets for that and we’re working on management and infrastructure. Players that want to join 99Starz guilds, have to own at least 500 STZ tokens.

New guild on the horizon (Phantom Galaxies)

By high demand, we are preparing to launch an additional guild. As our mission is to allow the 99Starz community to enjoy the P2E experience, we will expand our guild ecosystem and open one more guild in Phantom Galaxies.

If you’re not yet on board the 99Starz go grab some tokens from Gate.io, ApeSwap, QuickSwap, or SushiSwap. With many accomplishments already under our belt — we’re looking forward to releasing the MVP version of our wallet and platform. Can’t wait until then? Apply to join our guilds today! And hopefully, we’ll see you in-game.

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