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3 min readDec 11, 2021


99Starz is shattering the barrier of entry for play-to-earn gaming through rentable NFT assets and guild formations!

99Starz is a blockchain gaming ecosystem, bringing the play-to-earn game model to millions of gamers through guilds creation and NFT renting — allowing to maximize player rewards and ease cooperation. In addition, 99Starz is opening a Play-to-Earn game academy, teaching players how to start earning by playing games. 99Starz allows anyone to tap into the gig economy of the metaverse and generate an income from blockchain gaming using the $STZ token.

What makes 99Starz unique?

  • NFT Renting Vault. STZ token holders will have the ability to rent NFTs needed for play to earn games. Minimizing upfront costs and the barrier of entry.
  • Guild creation. 99Starz aims to connect players through guilds, where each participant takes up the role of Master, Captain, or Player. This opens up collective yield farming opportunities where players share collective rewards.
  • 99Starz Academy, allows STZ token holders to access a knowledge base of the best play-to-earn game strategies. This allows players to quickly switch games, without a steep learning curve.

Why did we start 99Starz?

Play-to-earn blockchain games currently have 4 major issues.

  • The barrier of entry. NFT assets required to play popular games can cost thousands of dollars. Often games require multiple assets to participate, gating most players from entering the space.
  • Hard to switch Play-to-earn games. With NFT prices at all-time highs, players have a difficult time investing their time and money into multiple games at once.
  • No collaboration tools. Play-to-earn games don’t encourage cooperation and provide no collaboration tool for players. Alienating entire communities and suffering from declining user bases, when players cannot compete at the top level.

Pay-To-Win instead of Play-to-Earn. Play-to-earn games currently work on a pay-to-win model, players that have access to the strongest NFT assets dominate the leaderboards.

That’s why we’re creating 99Starz. Our mission is to provide players with rentable NFTs, reducing the barrier of entry and allowing players to participate in multiple games at once.

We’re enabling player collaboration to encourage earning collective rewards instead of playing and competing alone. Through 99Starz skillful players have access to powerful assets and can pass down their knowledge to newer players for cooperative rewards.

MISO auction

  • December 11th, 2021.
  • We’ve chosen MISO because its permissionless nature matches the ethos of 99Starz. Additionally, MISO provides the benefit of not only listing on SushiSwap but access to Onsen for liquidity mining rewards.
  • TotalSupply: 99,000,000 STZ Tokens
  • Amount for auction: 714,286 STZ Tokens (0.72%)
  • IDO Price: $0.70

STZ Tokenomics


The founding team members behind 99Starz are Play-to-Earn gamers and blockchain enthusiasts with extensive and hands-on knowledge of NFT technology. Luca Lamberti, the CEO and leading creative mind behind 99Starz — is a firm believer in the NFT and Play-to-Earn mission and will stop at nothing to bring balance, fun, and the opportunity to play to millions of gamers.


More about $STZ — ERC-20 utility Token

The STZ token is designed to be a value-driven exchange mechanism for players sharing rewards or renting NFT play-to-earn gaming assets from the 99Starz NFT vault. The total supply of STZ tokens is 99 million — no more will ever be minted.

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