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Get Ready for the Voucher Presale for $STZ, your gateway to rentable NFTs on Animoca Brands Launchpad

$STZ token vouchers will be available on the Animoca Launchpad for 24hours starting December 6, 10 AM UTC.

The long-awaited $STZ token voucher presale is just around the corner! To show appreciation to our community for their support towards the 99Starz project, we are launching the first voucher presale on the Animoca Brands Launchpad, where users will be able to acquire $STZ tokens at a discount price.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to participate in the upcoming Animoca Brands Launchpad IDO.

The $STZ token presale will take place on our partner Animoca Brands Launchpad. Users can join using this link: launchpad.animocabrands.com.

To prevent our users from using fraudulent sites that might steal your crypto funds, we advise you to access the launchpad through the link we have provided and bookmark it for future visits.

The vouchers will be for sale on the Animoca Brands Launchpad for 24 hours starting December 6, 10:00 AM (UTC), and ending on December 7, 10:00 AM (UTC)

Please note that the presale is only available to participants who get whitelisted on the Blockpass platform before December 6, 2021.

Those who want to participate in the token sale have to complete the KYC process and ID verification. A confirmation email approving the registration on the Animoca Brands Launchpad will be sent to all eligible participants.

Details about the Voucher Presale

99Starz is pleased to launch its first public IDO on the Animoca Brands Launchpad. Our team is happy to provide our community a chance to get early in $STZ and buy our token vouchers with a discount.

The $STZ token voucher will come in 1 size, supporting a range of token payment methods. Buyers can acquire vouchers using $REVV, $GMEE, $SAND, $TOWER, $LMT, $BONDLY, $PROS, $DOSE, $QUIDD and $UMAD. Each token will have 100 vouchers available.

During the presale, a total of 1000 $STZ token vouchers will be sold at a discount price. Vouchers will be redeemable for $STZ tokens 6 months after the token listing. The exact date will be announced after the sale is over.

Keep in mind that we’ll reveal the $STZ token voucher prices in the upcoming days via our social media channels.

How to Buy $STZ Token Vouchers

Start by going through a KYC process on the Animoca Brands Launchpad Website using your computer or mobile device. Wait for the page to load and connect your ERC-20 wallet. When the wallet is connected, you will be asked to enter the number of vouchers that you want to acquire. Keep in mind that you will be able to buy a maximum of ten vouchers per transaction.

The sale will open on December 6th. However, you must complete your KYC before that date.

Continue by choosing the cryptocurrency you will use as the payment method. You can acquire tokens within a range of Animoca Brands tokens.

Here’s the list: $REVV, $GMEE, $SAND, $TOWER, $LMT, $BONDLY, $PROS, $DOSE, $QUIDD, $UMAD.

Buy Your Vouchers With These Tokens

Make sure that your wallet has a sufficient balance of the cryptocurrency to purchase the $STZ tokens. Prepare to have enough Ether to pay for gas fees associated with the transaction(s). We advise users to prepare and check their wallets before the presale starts to ensure no complications occur during the voucher presale.

When you are ready, if this is your first time purchasing vouchers on the Animoca Brands launchpad, please approve the token(s) which you would like to use for the purchase and then click the “BUY NOW” button, and you’re all done!

More about $STZ — ERC-20 utility Token

The STZ token is designed to be a value-driven exchange mechanism for players sharing rewards or renting NFT play-to-earn gaming assets from the 99Starz NFT vault. The total supply of STZ tokens is 99 million — no more will ever be minted.

About 99Starz — the Biggest NFT Yield Ecosystem

99Starz is a blockchain gaming ecosystem, bringing the play-to-earn game model to millions of gamers through guilds creation and NFT renting — allowing to maximize player rewards and ease cooperation. 99Starz allows anyone to tap into the gig economy of the metaverse and generate an income from blockchain gaming using the $STZ token.

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