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STZ Token Utility — Guilds

99Starz is shattering the barrier of entry for play-to-earn gaming through rentable NFT assets and guild formations!

Gaming is an activity that’s best enjoyed with others. There is no metaverse without community members and there are no games without players. That’s why one of the primary benefits that STZ token holders can expect is — Guilds.

Guilds are an efficient way to farm rewards as a group of people, since not only do you benefit from your individual performance — you also reap collective guild rewards. Only STZ token holders will have access to join guilds created by 99Starz.

What Can You do In a Guild?

  • Train & Learn. Each 99Star guild has a Game Master involved, a person that’s highly knowledgeable in a particular P2E game. By being part of a 99Starz guild, you’ll have access to everything a Game Master knows about the game.
  • Get Quests & Rewards. To incentivize collaboration all 99Starz guild members are assigned personal missions. These help improve player skills, keep them engaged, and allow them to earn additional rewards.
  • Access Tournaments. Exclusive tournaments will be available to players inside the 99Starz guilds. Providing you with the opportunity to shine and showcase your skills to the world.
  • Master The Academy. 99Starz is creating an exclusive learning resource — available to STZ token holders.
99Starz Guild Structure

Existing 99Starz Guilds

STZ Token holders will have the opportunity to join our existing guilds and every single future guild we create. Here are some of the guilds and achievements we already have.

F1 Delta Time

The #1 racing team in the entire game is part of the 99Starz guild. Last year they’ve managed to collect over 220 gold trophies with significant earnings.


The 99Starz Sorare guild was created in March 2021. Since inception it managed to rake in more than 30 ETH in prizes from tournaments. Most notable performances where 2 tournament wins and 8 podiums finishes.

Axie Infinity

Created in June of 2021, the 99Starz Axie Infinity guild is pioneering new strategies and giving old-time players a run for their money. The guild is currently packed with over 50 Axie Infinity scholars with MMR rankings between 1500 and 2200 and constantly improving.

The 2 most recent guilds opened were for CryptoMotors and Thetan Arena.

How to Join a 99Starz Guild?

Moving forward we plan to integrate guilds as a core part of the 99Starz platform. While we’re still working on making that a reality — we don’t want anyone to miss out!

That’s why we periodically create guild applications that are available for our community members, hold STZ tokens, follow our social media and be on the lookout for opportunities.

6 spots are currently open for Thetan Arena

If you hold at least 500 STZ tokens, make sure to send your applications here — Thetan Arena Guild Application

99Starz Thetan Arena Guild In Action

Where to buy STZ Tokens?

For more information

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