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What is Yield Gaming?

It is possible to pay the bills with gaming. And, you don’t even have to be a pro gamer to do it.

Every 10 years or so, a major shift in the gaming industry happens. We’ve moved from the ever-so-popular “Pay 2 Play or Subscription” models that MMORPG games like Lineage 2, World of Warcraft or AION implemented back in the 2000s.

To a newer model that skyrocketed in popularity starting ~2010, the “Freemium or entirely Free 2 Play” games like League of Legends, Path of Exile or Fortnite.

With the introduction of Blockchain Gaming, we’re seeing another shift happening right now— Play 2 Earn. How can games be better than free? Well, they pay you to play.

These rewards can range from digital currencies to digital items that can later be sold for real-world value.

People are rewarded for the time they spend playing video games.

Data, time and attention are the currencies of the 21st century. If you’re providing these resources to a company you should expect to get rewarded. And if 1 thing stays true throughout the entire gaming history it’s the fact that — people are really good at optimizing and finding the perfect strategies once rewards are introduced.

What is Yield Gaming?

It’s really as simple as it sounds. You play games and earn rewards or Yield. And while Play 2 Earn (P2E) sounds like a dream come true — it has its flaws.

Allowing players to generate value from thin air is never economically sustainable. If rewards are given out, money has to flow in — that’s what creates a sustainable economy.

Most Play 2 Earn games revolve around the use of NFTs that are required for play.

This is the “money comes in” mechanism of the game economy. New players have to buy NFTs to play, old players have to upgrade their NFT assets to stay competitive as the game gets older.

Problem is, older users usually have an abundance of NFTs that they find too tiresome to put up for auction. So, they only hand-pick the best and most expensive assets that go on the marketplace.

In turn, this creates a bottleneck. New players don’t have any cheap assets to buy. And the game competitive scene revolves around “better than average” NFTs only.

What Are Yield Guilds?

To solve this problem, players started gathering in teams or in other words — guilds.

Old-time P2E game players would usually have a large collection of unused NFTs sitting in their wallets. So, they would give people these NFTs and in return, the players split all rewards. It’s passive income for the person that’s renting their NFT and active income for the person that’s playing with it.

This created a more healthy in-game state as more players were playing with “sub-optimal” assets — meaning not everyone had to run the best comps in order to win.

And reduced or completely eliminated the barrier of entry for most players looking to get into P2E gaming.

Where do 99Starz Come in?

99Starz wants to accomplish Yield Guilds but on a LARGE scale. Meaning we go beyond, just 1 game. The 99Starz guild spans across every major P2E game.

And to make matters easier, we’re building a platform that’s not based on trust — but technology instead. Allowing players to easily rent NFT assets from 99Starz using the STZ token.

We already have guilds in Axie Infinity, F1 Delta Time, Sorare and Thetan Arena. We’ve started onboarding new players just last week. And if you’re an STZ token holder — you’re eligible! Stay tuned for news on our social media and become a player in one of our guilds.

Play 2 Earn is great, but 99Starz is making it amazing. For everyone.

Where to buy STZ Tokens?

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