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3 min readMay 11, 2021


Why should our programmers be the only ones having fun hunting for bugs?

Bugs can lead to great rewards…

The 9LA bugs are collectibles and we have just started to drop them into players wallets for being patient while waiting for lower Ethereum gas fees so we can send their Blueprints to their wallets.

A lot of community members have missed out on the Skulls and we have continuously been asked to do something similar for newer community members. So we have decided to introduce Bugs, the new Skulls.

Bugs are a win win situation for the community

  1. You don’t like free gifts? It’s all good, just ignore them!
  2. You don’t like collecting stuff? Awesome! You can sell them (free money). Who doesn’t love free money?
  3. You care to get your hands on some of the coolest and rarest Ooogy gear (NFTs)? Amazing! Keep on reading my friend!

How many bugs are there in total?

There are two separate sets of bugs: Gold Bugs and Silver Bugs and you can tell by the color of its frame — silver or gold…

Each type consists of a total of 81 different bugs with each of them having a total supply of 150 (gold) and 250 (silver)

How many bugs make a collection?

A horizontal collection of 9 has 9 different bugs with all the same frame color!
A vertical collection of 9 has 9 identical bugs with 9 different colored frames

Reward supply explained

Horizontal line collections compete with vertical line collections as both use skulls from the same pool. Therefore, the Gold Bugs with a total supply of 150 per bug could end up with a horizontal or vertical reward supply as rare as only one as it all depends on what collections are completed. For example if 75 horizontal collections are completed then there could also be 75 vertical collections (75+75=150). There could also be a collection of 50 horizontal and 100 vertical or 1 horizontal and 149 vertical, etc. The fact is that not every collection will ever get completed as some will end up in dead wallets and so forth… therefore, the actual total supply for a reward is going to be even lower.

There are 9 different horizontal rewards for the sliver collection and 9 different vertical rewards for the silver collection. There are also 9 different horizontal rewards for the gold collection and 9 different vertical rewards for the gold collection.

To top it all off, for the hardcore collectors there will also be rewards for the master collection consisting of all 81 bugs — silver or gold… and these will get their own rewards.

The master collections of course further reduce the total supply possible for the normal collections.

Collecting and turning in costs explained

Both sets are on Enjin’s Jumpnet so we are talking minimal gas fees for trading.

Silver bugs have a 5 JENJ trading fee

Gold bugs have a 9 JENJ trading fee

When you got a collection complete you send them to us and we send back your reward. These fees are paying us for making the bugs and their rewards and compensating with the work behind the scenes to airdrop them and send and collect them and send out rewards etc…

Note to the one person that called us greedy for doing this: We would make way more money just selling the actual rewards in the store and would have way less work! This is a fun way to reward early adopters and active community members over time with collectibles that actually have value!

How to get more bugs

When our twitter reaches 3K+ members we will do an airdrop or QR beam.

When Enjin launches Jumpnet publicly we will also distribute more bugs.

After that we will figure something else out but there will be plenty of bugs to go around. Happy hunting!