Introducing Ooogy from 9Lives Arena: The World’s First 24/7 Cross-Platform Companion

Meet Ooogy, your number one employee in competitive online RPG 9Lives Arena—and diligent companion in the My Ooogy mobile app.

9Lives Arena
9Lives Arena
5 min readApr 21, 2020


Ooogies have officially arrived!

We are thrilled to share that the world’s first blockchain-based, cross-platform companion is now available on the 9Lives Arena Shop.

The World’s First Cross-Platform Companion

Meet Ooogy! Your diligent, trusted companion in 9Lives Arena.

Ooogies are here! Find out everything you need to know about these unique companions.

Ooogies are the world’s first cross-platform companions, connecting two completely different games on two entirely different platforms—a unique, cross-platform gaming experience.

Ooogies will be usable within 9Lives Arena, as well as an upcoming companion mobile app.

9Lives Arena is a competitive online RPG for PC and consoles focused on 1v1 PvP, with persistent progression and permadeath.

In 9LA, Ooogy is responsible for resource gathering and item crafting. He’s your number one employee and works for you even while you are logged out of the game.

You could do the resource gathering yourself, but why put in the extra work when you have an Ooogy?

Outside of the Arena, the “My Ooogy” mobile app (in development for iOS and Android) will function as a standalone gaming experience focused entirely on nurturing your Ooogy.

In “Companion Mode,” the app can be linked to your 9Lives Arena in-game Ooogy, allowing you to keep in touch with Ooogy, assign him tasks, and monitor his progress when you’re away from the game.

If you’re tired of the grind, we’ve got your back.

Ooogy eggs are now available for purchase on the 9Lives Arena Shop!

Rare as a needle in a haystack, no two Ooogies are alike. Each egg will hatch a completely unique Ooogy!

Made up of a vast gene-pool, along with 12 royal bloodlines and some genetic mutations, Ooogies are randomly generated, with over 3 trillion unique possible appearance combinations.

The more royal bloodlines your Ooogy is made up of, the rarer he will be.

The chance of an Ooogy with all 12 royal bloodlines will be around 1 in 2 million.

There are over 3 trillion unique looking Ooogies, some with royal bloodlines (indicated by the crowns)

Your Partner in Crime

We like to think of Ooogy as a Tamagotchi on steroids.

Unlike the Tamagotchis of the past that would basically just poop and eventually die, Ooogies are a player’s number one personal employee.

A well-fed Ooogy will work around the clock, even when you’re offline.

Whether you’re at work, asleep, at dinner, or somewhere else, you can always rely on your Ooogy to help you progress in the game.

Even basic Ooogies without royal bloodlines come in a wide variety of looks

Benefits for Early Ooogy Adopters

To celebrate this launch, we’re offering Ooogies at a 10% discount through the end of April.

More importantly, we are giving everyone that helps us fund development a much higher chance to draw rare Ooogies!

If you purchase an Ooogy egg right now, the chance of receiving a super rare Ooogy with 12 royal bloodlines is as high as 1 in 50,000—a landslide compared to 1 in 2 million odds that will be available at full release.

With this opportunity, we intend to thank and rewards the earliest supporters that help us fund development of 9Lives Arena and the My Ooogy app by purchasing Ooogies early on.

Royal Bloodlines: A Rare Marketplace Opportunity

Each Ooogy is a unique non fungible token (NFT), with the token art showing precisely what the individual Ooogy will look like in-game.

With their interesting appearances and rarity, Ooogy NFTs can be traded P2P on marketplaces.

Along with their unique looks and bloodlines, Ooogies also have unique Metadata that updates with their progression and shows their current level.

So as you level up your Ooogies, you can easily sell them, and the buyer will be able to see all of the necessary info right in the NFT.

Rare Ooogy with 5 royal bloodlines

More than Bloodlines

With three key stats, an Ooogy’s uniqueness is based on more than just bloodlines.

Every Ooogy has a stat for:

  • Luck
  • Immune system
  • Anger issues

Luck and Immune System are positive stats—the higher the Ooogies score, the better!

“Anger issues” is another story—the higher the stats is, the more likely your Ooogy is to throw a tantrum and waste time, making him less efficient for a while.

None of these stats are game breaking, though. The higher your Ooogy scores in the first two stat categories, the higher his Anger Issues will be to balance that out. ;)

After all, what would life be without the yin and yang, the bitter and the sweet?

9LA Closed Alpha v0.5: Coming Soon!

9Lives Arena Closed Alpha version 0.5 is just around the corner and should arrive within the next 2 weeks.

With this update, the game will be able to read Ooogies from your Enjin Wallet so you can start using them in-game!

We can’t wait to see all of your Ooogies working hard for you in 9LA.

In the meantime, head over to our Telegram community for the latest discussion and updates!