Multiverse Items in 9Lives Arena

We have exciting news to share about how some of the Gaming Multiverse items will behave in 9Lives Arena!

9Lives Arena
9Lives Arena


Last week, Enjin announced the dawn of the Gaming Multiverse, and we are beyond excited and proud to be a part of it. Seven games have teamed up to create and give birth to a multiverse for many more realms and games to join.

Today, we’re excited to announce how three of the first Multiverse items will be utilized in 9Lives Arena. Needless to say, it’s going to be epic.

Concept Art of the Epochrome Sword

The Epochrome Sword

This truly magical masterpiece of a sword will have its very own look in 9Lives Arena and will behave in a way that can’t be mistaken for any other sword. A shape-shifting masterpiece, this realm-traveling weapon acts uniquely in each of the worlds it travels to.

In 9Lives Arena, the Epochrome Sword can read your opponent’s total item stat budget. If it so happens that your opponent has a higher total stat budget than you, the Epochrome Sword will boost your stat budget by adding in random stats to even the playing field. Wield an Epochrome Sword, and you will be equal to everyone.

In the trainings Arena, this weapon helps protect the newbies, the players just starting out. It matches whatever advantage your opponent has in terms of overall stat budget, while at the same time guaranteeing an even playing field.

In the 9Lives Arena on the other hand the Sword can provide 2 extra stat points when its wielder and their opponent are both decked out in epic gear — while the addition of 2 stat points is not game-breaking by any means, it’s certainly nice to have-but it comes at a price.

Using the Epochrome Sword in the 9Lives Arena will bind it to the character and when you die with the Sword on your last life, two things will happen:

1. The player that killed you will be able to pick it up and own it.

2. You will be rewarded with a very rare statue/trophy of your hero sporting the Epochrome Sword for all eternity!

Concept Art of Mike the Hungoverlord

Mike, the Hungoverlord

While we won’t reveal everything about this character’s role in 9Lives Arena just yet, we wanted to share one of his more interesting behaviors.

Sometimes, Mike turns into an oversized Ooogy. Yeah, you heard that right — and Mike does NOT like it! Because when he does, you can take full control of him and have a mighty additional Ooogy at your command. Mike’s resource gathering skills will outperform even the most ambitious Ooogy out there — but his time in Ooogy form is limited and sporadic.

Concept Art of the Multiverse Forge Hammer

The Multiverse Forge Hammer

The Forge Hammer will be the most powerful crafting tool in 9Lives Arena, enabling players to craft epic items. Make no mistake, this hammer is a blacksmith’s dream come true!

When your Ooogy crafts an item based on an armor or weapon blueprint, it can be of four different quality levels: grey, green, blue, or epic. The higher the quality, the bigger the stat budget. But the distribution of stats for each item is totally random, ensuring that each epic item is still very different from the others.

Because there is a higher likelihood of crafting an epic item with the Multiverse Forge Hammer, you will save a ton of resources trying to get a certain stat combination on an epic item.

This Hammer is extremely rare — way rarer than the Epochrome Sword, and even rarer than Mike. And like all Multiverse items, the Hammer can be used across all Multiverse realms.