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9Lives Arena

Oct 3, 2019

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The Forgotten Skulls of Atlantis

First collection rewards revealed

The Skull shield Blueprint also comes with the “Book of knowledge” #5 and the “Skull Hunter” title deed for the first 9 people that turn in the Poison Skull collection!

The second collection rewards for the “red skull frames collection” are the “Roman Centurion” helmet blueprint and the “Book of knowledge #16 and also the “Skull Hunter” title deed for the first 9 turn ins.

All reward blueprints and Books will end up with a rarity between 1 and 111… with 6 collections already handed in though the rarity now stands between 3 and 108 for each collection because horizontal Skull collections take out skulls from vertical ones and vice versa… Happy trading everyone!

Live long, score high — don’t die!